Gianni Morandi: “I have burns on 15% of my body. The pain is still very strong”

Burns on 15% of the body, hands, legs and even one ear. The pain is so great and “when they change my bandages they fall asleep”. Thus, after three weeks, Gianni Morandi speaks from his hospitalization at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena, a specialized center for burns, after the accident in which he was injured while burning brushwood in the garden of his house, slipping on the flames.

“As the days go by – said the 76-year-old singer from Monghidoro al Rest of the Carlino – I get scared more and more. Because I realize the risk I took and how lucky I was. First of all, I saved your life: because when you fall into a hole like this, while you push into a log that you think is resistant, and you find yourself in the middle of the embers, with the flames around, it is a terrible thing. I clung to a burning branch with my hands to jump out. The second important thing is that I saved face “.” I believe – he added – that there is someone who looked at me from the sky, I am convinced “.

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As for the state of health, “I had severe burns in both hands, knees, a little in the buttock, then a burn in the back and ear. I think, more or less, on 15%” of the body. “The left hand, the one that makes the chords (when playing the guitar, ed), it moves quite well, I would say that it is almost recovered. The right hand is quite weak right now, I will have to do a lot of physiotherapy, it will take some time. We must give it back vitality, let’s say “. Referring then to the pain caused by the burns,” without the help of drugs it is impossible to resist: every two days they gave me a dressing. But medication is a very painful thing and they have to put you to sleep. ”

Finally, Morandi explains, referring to Bufalini’s doctors, about his stay in hospital, “they are talking about ten days more”.

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