The strange priorities of the Giallorossi: yes to ius soli and homotransphobia

Homotransphobia, ius soli and refreshments. The political menu on Easter Eve for the Democratic Party includes a surprise, the relaunching among the priorities of the Zan Bill and the acquisition of citizenship for those born on Italian soil. The novelty in the egg will please a good part of the dem base, attentive to the issue of rights, but it is definitely not an olive branch in a “government of all” where both issues are and the events of the last few days have shown it extremely divisive.

Yet yesterday the former Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia on Twitter relaunched the first issue, with a clear warning to the League. «Homotransphobia, hate crimes, skill, misogyny, these are the crimes regulated by the Zan law. Senator Ostellari and the Lega cannot prevent Parliament from speaking; soon appoint a free speaker, without prejudice or provocation a la Pillon. It is unacceptable to hold the justice commission of the Senate hostage ». The reference is to the alleged obstruction of the League’s president of the commission, who had canceled at the end of March the meeting of the bureau that should have scheduled the bill. And if the deputy dem Bordo had explained that in any case the Zan Bill has nothing to do with the government agenda but pertains to “parliamentary initiatives on which there are no majority constraints”, to relaunch the issue as central to the executive Pd Pina Picerno MEP has arrived. Reiterating that “the fight against discrimination must represent one of the cornerstones of government action”, without remaining hostage “to the political tactics of the most vulgar right”. Immediate the side of the M5s that speaks through the Minister of Agricultural Policies, Stefano Patuanelli: “It is absurd to think that a law against homotransphobia is not needed”.

Also yesterday, the senator dem Andrea Marcucci, commenting on the “summit talks between 5 stars and the Democratic Party” introduced another theme not exactly shared in the very large structure of the government, the ius soli, relaunched by the party secretary Enrico Letta at the beginning month. Thus, after having hoped that at the center of the meetings there were refreshments “to help businesses resist,” he added: “I also hope that the parliamentary strategy has been agreed to have the ius soli, or rather the ius culturae, approved. We no longer need words and slogans, if it is a priority as stated by the secretary, it must be consequent ”. Priorities, but not for everyone.


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