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Tina is not in the office Maria asks “Are you under house arrest?”

Let’s see together what happened in the studio to Men and Women and above all the reason for those words from Maria De Filippi.

Tina was not present in the studio at Men and Women, what happens?

The program that we can see on the air in the afternoon where love is sought between ladies and knights is the one conducted by Maria De Filippi, or Men and women.

But in the last episode something special happened, let’s see what it is and let’s understand it together.

Tina Cipollari what happens?

Every day we have been able to witness for many years the program conducted in a perfect way by Maria, that is Men and Women.


Among the various protagonists that make it special and super following, in addition to the various suitors in search of love there are the two opinion leaders, that is Tina Cipolari and Gianni Sperti.

But in the episode that we got to see on the air yesterday something very special happened.

Why Tina was not present in the studio but in connection from home, and for this reason the super hostess asked what had happenedor, with a nice joke that has not gone absolutely unnoticed.


His words were, as reported by Ilfattoquitidiano:

“Did they put you under house arrest? What did you do?”

Ma Tina ha replied, which was not the case and that nothing in particular happened, without however indicating why he was not present in the studio as usual.

Even in connection though had no problem attacking, as always happens, his “bitter enemy” Gemma Galgani.

In yesterday’s episode, in fact, we could see an exit between the Turin lady and her former young partner, Nicola Vivarelli.

The latter during the external continued saying that he sees the woman only as a friend, and Tina finished the video declared that Gemma was upset for this decision, and that she would go on with the dating.

Even Gianni said he said not to tolerate what happens with Gemma anymore.

Gemma then made another outing with the knight Riccardo and also in this case, it seems that we do not go beyond friendship.

Gemma was equally attacked by Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti

It is rumored also that maybe Gemma, after all these disappointments, one after the other are considering leaving the program.

And what do you think of the love affairs of the beautiful and historic lady of Turin? Do you think he will ever abandon Men and Women?

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