Awed apologizes, Vera Gemma in shock “I don’t want to see him again”

Vera Gemma discovered, unexpectedly, that Awed has apologized to all the castaways of the Isola Dei Famosi, her reaction is shock

Island Of The Famous: Awed Vera Gemma

In the last episode ofIsland Of The Famous, Vera Gemma ended up in nomination against Brando Giorgi. While Fariba Tehrani and Ubaldo Lanzo they were chosen as actual castaways, the other two had to contend for the place. In the end, the public decided to bring Brando back into the game, while Vera Gemma should have returned to Italy instead.

Unexpectedly Ilary Blasi confessed that Vera’s experience is not over yet, in fact she was given the opportunity to stay in the game on another island, Esperanza Beach.

At the end of the episode, the eliminated of the group was Miryea, who was able to reach Vera Gemma on Playa Esperanza and decide whether to continue her experience alone with the castaway. Obviously the ex babe has decided to stay.

In the last few hours Vera has made a discovery about Awed that has left her speechless. Let’s see in detail what it is.

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Vera Gemma discovers that Awed has apologized to all the castaways, her reaction

Vera Gemma found that Awed apologized to the castaways

As you well remember a few weeks ago the castaways of the Isola Dei Famosi were divided into two distinct groups. On the one hand Awed and Vera Gemma and on the other all the other competitors. Vera and Awed had established a beautiful friendship and were not convinced of the good intentions of the other castaways they decided to isolate themselves from the group.

Obviously this choice has created disagreements so much that the two have on several occasions attacked and insulted the other competitors, coming to no longer even address a greeting.

After Vera’s elimination, Awed found himself isolated from the group, which is why he decided to do so behind the front asking other contestants to be forgiven for his behavior.

When Vera saw Miryea again she immediately asked her if Awed was sad about her absence, Stabile immediately replied “At first, yes, he cried like a desperate man. He then apologized to everyone and made peace with Gilles too and now they are all together“.

At this point Vera Gemma hearing these words was in such shock that she was literally speechless.

In fact, to be sure of the building’s words, she reiterated “did he apologize to everyone?“, The former pupa again confirmed what happened in her absence.

Miryea tried to make Vera understand that their behavior towards the other castaways was wrong and excessive. Hearing these words, the shipwrecked woman was again furious and replied “ior I think about them “. I still believe that Francesca Lodo does not have a great personality, that Gilles has an attitude of command and outbursts of anger that I don’t like I think.“.

In the end, the shipwrecked woman was incredulous by the words of the Stabile and wanted to intervene on Awed’s gesture saying “I honestly don’t understand what he regretted and apologized for, given that he was threatened ”.

Vera then continued, confiding to her friend that she did not understand why he apologized and that in her place she would never have apologized, indeed, in fact she said “I would never have apologized, indeed I would have simply asked to reset everything and start over, but repentant or ‘sorry’, but what? I wish him the best, but honestly I don’t know if I want to see such a repentant man again ”.

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Meanwhile, viewers are hoping that Vera Gemma can return to the other castaways to find out what will happen between her and Awed. What do you think, was Awed right to apologize or not?

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