Vincenzo Totaro, director of Manfredonia with a fervent inventiveness

Manfredonia, 03 April 2021. He is a native of Manfredonia Vincenzo Totaro, the director who with the latest production of the short “How the leaves fall“, Has received important awards.

It is a group of prizes that is increasing; yet Vincenzo continues to make his cinematographic productions driven more by an unstoppable passion than by a desire for recognition.

In fact, his films can be considered all together mainly the result of his ingenuity and then, each time, turn into true introspective masterpieces.

It is simply necessary to observe one of his short films to notice how much care and attention he dedicates to those details reflecting the emotional abilities of each one, as could be a look that comes to focus in a certain way, or a body movement in its sinuous untangling, but never all sudden.

Each gesture expressed by its interpreters has a hidden meaning that fascinates even more, precisely because it is conceptually and mentally entangled.

Vincenzo graduated in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production in Bologna.

His is a very respectable curriculum, with an equally vast film production.

In 2003 with Giannino de Filippo, Antonio Universi and Teresa La Scala we founded the Film Production Association ‘Epok Studios’, with which we shot many short films, school shorts and documentaries. Also a Faro film (2008) which was my thesis at the three-year DAMS. I also collaborated, always, with my friend Anna Rita Caracciolo, director of the short and culture festival and I shot several short films for her as an operator and editor. The latest works, the ones we have made since 2017, have more frequently started winning prizes, such as’ Quel branch of the Giacomo plant (2017), lasting 3 minutes. It represented an exercise for the Werner Herzog Masterclass and I thought of signing it up for a couple of festivals; so it happened that we came third at the Saronno award ceremony. I would say it was a job that added other satisfactions; in fact it went very well wherever we presented it, arriving in the final at ‘Inferenze short film festival 2020, official selection Video Festival of Imperia 2019 with the selection jury prize’ and obtaining the ‘Prize on the way’ at the Nickelodeon of Spoleto“, Enthusiastically declares the young director Totaro.

Then came our real feature film, entitled ‘LA CASA DEL PADRE’ (2019), lasting 118 minutes. Distributed by Running TV on TV and online streaming, it has also just begun the tour of festivals together with the short HOW LEAVES FALL“, Continues Vincenzo Totaro, expressing himself in the plural.


Well yes, I could not say otherwise, since I can count on a precious and valid team of collaborators, who are, indeed, they represent much more than mere collaborators; they are true friends!“.

And, with a smile on his lips and eyes that light up with joy, he quotes them one by one, spending words of praise: Antonio Universi; Teresa La Scala; Giannino de Filippo; Luisa Totaro; Antonio Del Nobile; Antonio Calvano ed Annarita Calvano; Donato Raele; Simone Piraino; Tonino Bitondi; Vincenzo Moccia e Manuela Boccanera.

Each of them has had and continues to have a fundamental and relevant role in my productions. I would also like to thank, in particular, Giovanni Caratú, a local entrepreneur who supported us with the facts; the only one.

As far as cinema is concerned, I would add that I dedicate my greatest consideration to teamwork. Directing cannot be considered a work for soloists; for this reason, in fact, I tend to choose people with whom I have a certain elective affinity and who are neither too intrusive nor presentialist. What matters most to me is to try to bring out the best in each of them in their respective fields, trying to put all my collaborators in the right conditions to be able to express even the intimate personal creativity. So I tend to collaborate with a stable group because we understand each other more easily and then I need harmony on the set … I hate it when feuds or misunderstandings arise during filming“, Continues the director Totaro, placing the emphasis on working correspondence, a cornerstone that is sometimes rare to find.

In particular, it happens that the actors put their face in what they play, (besides their own name), so I feel very responsible towards them. My commitment is therefore aimed at the success of performances that can never be ridiculous. I wouldn’t forgive me!“, The director from Manfredon points out again.




The latest awards.

THE FATHER’S HOUSE“Won the awards:

Best Indie Feature Film“, ai Best Film Award a Londra;

Best Indie Feature Film” (Low Budget) at the Art Film Award festival in Skopje and an official selection at the festival “The Cut Film Series – Canton Ohio“.


The short film “HOW THE LEAVES FALL“Won the prize:

Short – Best Editing”At the Europe Film Festival UK in London and the official selection at the Indapuram International Film Festival 2021, in Hyderabad, India.

Bio-filmographic notes of the director

Vincenzo Totaro was born in Manfredonia on April 14, 1981 and began his cinematographic activity in 2003 with the association Epok Studios.

He works as a worker, metal mechanic first and then in the rubber-plastic sector, for over ten years.

He graduated in history and criticism of cinema at the DAMS in Bologna in 2010. Subsequently he obtained a master’s degree in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production, also in Bologna, in Philology of Cinema.

He is a member of the Airsc (Italian Association for the History of Cinema Research).

He attended online masterclasses with Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese and David Lynch.

He has made several short films, school shorts, video clips, films and documentaries mainly in Italy and in Italian Switzerland, obtaining various awards.


Short films:

“Un killer sentimentale” (2003, Screenplay, direction, editing and photography);

“Holloway” (2004, Subject, script, direction, editing and photography);

“Donne al helm” (2005, Direction and editing);

“Scelte” (2005, Camera and editing operator);

“Chain!” (2005, Subject, screenplay, direction and editing);

“Terra” (2005, Direction and editing);

“Lontano” (2006, Direction and editing);

“Fantasmagorie” (2008, Screenplay, direction and editing);

“Il trip di Enea” (2012, Direction and editing);

“Dismount the bullies” (2012, subject, direction and editing);

“La firma” (2013, Subject, screenplay, direction and editing);

“Narciso” (2013, Direction and editing);

“Sanatorium” (2014, Direction and editing);

“The boys of ’99” (2015, Direction and editing);

“Rain boy” (2016, Camera and editing operator);

“Haiku n.1 All things change places (editing);

“Apollo e Leucotoe” (2017, Direction and editing);

“That branch of Giacomo’s plant” (2017, Screenplay, direction, sound engineer, editing).


“Lysistata, or women’s war” (2007, editing);

“Triumph of the cinema” (2008, direction and editing);

“The king and the sea” (2010, editing);

“Faces” (2017, subject, direction and editing);

Medium and Feature Films:

“Faro (2009, subject, direction and editing);

“U mìzze prevète” (The half priest) (2012, screenplay, direction and editing).

Edited by Elisabetta Ciavarella, Bari April 3, 2021

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