Wonder Woman 1984, Connie Nielsen explains what “damaged the movie”

Wonder Woman 1984 star Connie Nielsen commented on criticism of Patty Jenkins’ film starring Gal Gadot in the title role.





Connie Nielsen, Queen Hippolyte’s interpreter in the DC Extended Universe, commented on the criticisms aimed at the film Wonder Woman 1984. The Danish actress talked about it in an interview granted to Den of Geek on the occasion of the home video release of the DC sequel, released in theaters and on HBO Max (in the United States) at Christmas. An important factor for her was the constant postponement of the release of the feature film, initially scheduled for June 2020: “Having moved it so many times has made it the subject of exaggerated expectations. And since it’s a sequel it will inevitably be compared to the previous film.

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The actress also spoke about specific criticisms, aimed at certain aspects of the film (the resurrection of Steve Trevor, in particular, caused controversy due to its practical implications). This is his comment: “I say this with the deepest respect for those who think differently: no one can say that Patty Jenkins is not faithful to her vision of Wonder Woman, and it is a very courageous and important vision. The way it transforms expectations will not please everyone, because viewers have been conditioned by other films following a precise pattern, and perhaps they do not like not knowing exactly where it is headed.

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Wonder Woman: Connie Nielsen from the first trailer of the film

Wonder Woman: Connie Nielsen from the first trailer of the film

In addition to Wonder Woman 1984, actress Connie Nielsen also appears in the role of Hippolyte in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, currently available on Sky, and in theory it will also return in the third chapter of the cinematic adventures of the Amazon princess, for now with no release date. but in principle expected after 2023, when Patty Jenkins will have completed a film set in the Star Wars universe, announced a few months ago.

Soon we will also see the Danish actress in the action film I Am Nobody, recently released in US theaters, where she plays the wife of the mysterious protagonist (Bob Odenkirk). At the moment no date has been confirmed for the Italian distribution.


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