Giulia De Lellis and those special compliments from Fabio Volo

Giulia De Lellis and those special compliments from Fabio Volo
Giulia De Lellis and those special compliments from Fabio Volo
Giulia De Lellis is enjoying this moment full of joy and satisfaction. Tomorrow, Sunday 4 April, her first film “Parents vs Influencer” will be released and Fabio Volo, who starred with her, spent some excellent words for the influencer, congratulating her on her fantastic performance. 122554770-e716162e-ecb2-4c8f-8c3f-25f4f0e3ba07

Giulia De Lellis continues to enjoy this moment wonderful that he is experiencing. The young influencer, in the last period is realizing many projects and is collecting a immense success.

In addition to his fame from influence Giulia will shortly lead the program “Love Island“; and as if that weren’t enough, De Lellis recently made one of his own dreams older, starring in the movie “Parents vs Influencers”.

The film will be released tomorrow on Sky, and very recently Fabio Volo co-protagonist with Giulia decided to spend a few words on the performance of the influencer.

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Fabio Volo congratulates Giulia


They are all very eager to see there performance of Giulia as an actress in her first film “Parents vs. Influencer“. Furthermore, many are curious to find out how the thematic of the generational clash between father and daughter, inserting it in the current era, made up of social media and influencers.

On the performance of Giulia for the moment both the director Michela Andreozzi and Fabio Volo and they both had some very good words. In particular, the co-protagonist of the influencer in a recent interview with Tv Smiles and Songs he said:

“It turned out to be a lot more natural her of other actresses who played someone like her. It was brava. Giulia is a lot autoironica, it’s nice to work with her on set ”.

So now we just have to wait for the release of the film for enjoy it and see how it will come judged from both the public and the criticism.

And you are curious to see “Parents vs. Influencer“On Sky?

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