The best Sky movies of April: the titles to see this month

The Sky cinema it does not stop and also in April the channels dedicated to the most exciting film offers will be full of contents which all subscribers will be able to access. The catalog with the best Sky movies of April therefore brings with it new titles and new stories, to enjoy the cinema even from home in this particular and difficult period. As always, we offer you some of the content not to be missed, with a complete list of the films that you can find in this month’s offer.

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The best Sky movies of April

The Specials – Out of the ordinary

L’autism, a delicate subject that hardly ever finds space in cinema, becomes the protagonist in the film directed by Olivier Nakache e Eric Toledano, directors known for their famous Almost friends. The title is The Specials – Out of the ordinary, a 2019 French film featuring Vincent Cassel e Reda Kateb in the role of two educators who care for children and adolescents with autism. The title, among the best Sky films of April, will be available from 2 April on Sky Cinema Due come on Sky On Demand until April 5th.

The Specials – Out of the ordinary follows the daily “adventures” of Bruno and Malik: Jewish the first, Muslim the second, colleagues united not only by a great friendship, but also by professional commitment that sees them at the forefront of supporting young patients with autism. A comedy which sensitively looks at the “invisible“Of society through the eye of social workers and educators, candidate in 2019 to eight César awards.


For the little ones and not, come on Sky Cinema Uno from 3 April arrives Scooby!, animated film starring Scooby Doo and friends of the famous Mystery Inc. CGI reboot directed by Tony Cervone, the film was expected to be released in theaters in 2020 but, due to the pandemic, its distribution took place digitally and now lands in the catalog of the best Sky films of April with a new adventure of the team committed to solving the most bizarre mysteries. The film will be available also on demand.

The peculiarity of this film? In Scooby! in fact we do not find only the boys of Mystery Inc., but also aSome of the old glories home Hanna e Barbera, among which Dick Dastardly and Muttley, Blue Falcon and Dog Prodigy, Captain Cavey and the Teen Angels. Here, in fact, Scooby and Shaggy are “kidnapped” by the spaceship Blue Falcon, whose crew on board explains that their help is needed: Dick Dastardly, well-known villain of the series Wacky Races, he is in fact trying to open the gates of the Underworld to free Cerberus. The two friends, along with the full team, must follow Dastardly’s footsteps to prevent him from carrying out his evil plans.

Return to Win

Ben Affleck is Jack Cunningham in the film directed by Gavin O’Connor Return to Win, a 2020 film in which the famous actor plays a former basketball player of high school basketball team. As an adult, his life is studded with failures that have deeply marked his soul, until a chance for redemption comes. Jack is offered to train the Bishop Hayes, a basketball team from the same high school that he attended in his youth and of which he was the champion: his task will be not only to lead the boys to victory, but to temper them and make them the best version of themselves.

Return to Win is a drama that takes place between the lines of the classic sports film, yet full of great emotions in the wake of the pains of the protagonist, an alcoholic and with a failed career. Gavin O’Connor’s film will be available in the catalog, among the best Sky films of April, starting Monday 5 on Sky Cinema Uno.

Honey Boy

In Honey Boy we find Shia LaBeouf to the writing of a highly personal screenplay, which recalls some of the most dramatic and painful moments of his past, concretized in the film directed by Alma Har’el. Presented to Sundance Film Festival in January 2019, Honey Boy he earned the‘U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Vision and Craft as well as several Chicago Film Critics Association Awards and Independent Spirit Awards nominations. The film is among the best Sky films of April, available in the catalog on April 14, its Sky Cinema Due.

Honey Boy it’s a story autobiographical, which tells the story of LaBeouf ‘s childhood embodied by the figure of Otis Lort. The latter, just 12, is a Hollywood star on children’s TV shows, but off the set he must suffer the abuse of his father, a drug addict and alcoholic, as he spends his life with his parent in a seedy motel on the edge of town. Between flashbacks of the past and images of the present, the film tells the career of an actor forced to deal with a stormy and painful parenting.

King Lear

When Re Lear gathers the family to divide his inheritance between his three daughters, Regan e Goneril they affirm their affection for the father with praise and declarations of fidelity to the father; Cordelia, however, she refuses to lend herself to such a game to get her share of the inheritance. King Lear, furious, deseredes his youngest daughter and deprives her of the slice of the kingdom that he should have ruled, starting a future civil war, merciless and bloody.

King Lear is the makeover of theShakespearean tragedy of the same name from 1605, thus transposed into a TV film set in a sort of twenty-first century dystopian, where senior military posts hold government roles. Protagonists of the film directed by Richard Eyre, we find Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Emily Watson e Florence Pugh. In Sky Cinema’s April list, the drama will be featured on Sky Cinema Due the April 20.


One more animation film among the best Sky films of April, with a film directed this time by two Italians, Francesco Dafano and Luca della Grotta. Fully CGI and distributed by Notorious Pictures in 2020, the family animated film will be present right on the channel Family by Sky on April 22.

Trash tells the story of Slim, a worn cardboard box, e Bubbles, a bottle now emptied: waste that no one sees and no one cares about, but who run the risk of being destroyed forever at the passage of Suckers, street cleaning machines. Bubbles does not surrender to this cruel fate and convinces Slim to embark on an adventure in search of the legendary Magic Pyramid, a place where waste can have a second chance and become once again useful objects.

The New Mutants

After continuous postponements, also caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and after splitting the criticism in half, The New Mutants also lands on Sky where it will be available on Sky Cinema Uno on April 26th. The film of Josh Boone stars the young super group of mutants belonging to the X-Men franchise, in a film adaptation of the comics made with hues bordering on horror.

Rahne Sinclair, Illyana Rasputin, Sam Guthrie, Bobby Da Costa e Dani Moonstar are the five young protagonists with superhuman powers who suddenly find themselves confined within the walls of what is only in appearance a creepy hospital. Here dark presences threaten their lives and the boys will have to face their fears by making the most of their powers to escape from the lethal structure.

Below, the complete list of titles available on Sky in April:

  • April 1st: Human Capital
  • April 2: I was hoping de died Prima
  • April 2: The Specials – Out of the ordinary
  • 3rd April: Scooby!
  • April 4th: Parents Vs. Influencers
  • April 5: Return to Win
  • April 6: Miss Marx
  • April 7: Kayaking Home
  • April 8: Robert the Bruce Warrior and King
  • April 9: 1918 – Days of Courage
  • April 10: Deep – An Adventure at the Bottom of the Sea
  • April 11th: Primal
  • April 12: Divorce in Las Vegas
  • April 14: Honey Boy
  • April 16: Breaking Surface – Hold Your Breath
  • April 17: Distorted – Nothing Is As It Seems
  • April 17: Born to Be Blue
  • April 18: Arctic – A Glacial Adventure
  • April 18: Stroke of Love
  • April 19: Siberia
  • April 20: King Lear
  • April 21: The Photograph
  • April 22: Acts of Violence
  • April 22: Trash
  • April 23: The Art of Fraud
  • April 23: The Identical
  • April 24: Romantic Guide to Lost Places
  • 25 April: Billionaire Boys Club
  • April 26: The New Mutants
  • April 28: In the women’s bathroom
  • April 29: Vivarium
  • April 30: Wake Up – The Awakening

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