Risen and Kissed by Fortune

What to see tonight on TV, guide to programming and scheduling of the television evening of today April 4, 2021, On Rai 1 the movie Risen, Rai 2-911 Without any power, Canale 5 Zoo a friend to be saved, Italia Uno Pirates of the Caribbean and on Rai3 Special Kilimanjaro. Let’s see in detail all the programs of the main networks with the guide of Solodonna kissed-luck-2019-film

Let’s discover the schedule of the evening programs with the guide of Solodonna: what we can see on tv tonight?
Let’s find out all together more enjoyable and engaging programs of the major television networks of today, April 4, 2021, thanks to ours evening TV guide.

Among all we point out: the film The invisible boy – second generation Rai Movie e The murderer’s canvas its Sky Besides Risen its Rai1 e Pirates of the Caribbean its Italy 1. The proposals for the evening, however, do not end here ..

What to see on TV tonight

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Let’s find out which films and which programs to see together tonight on TV, Sunday 4 April 2021.

Tonight on Rai

Rai 1 21:25 – Risen (Film)

Clavio, military tribune and his adjutant Lucio by order di Pontius Pilate have the task of supervising the tomb of Jesus, but when the body disappears despite the guard, Clavio and Lucio begin to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Nazzareno …

Rai 2 21:00 – 911- Without any power (TV series)

stasers on tv

Athena she wants to be able to put the serial rapist in prison and continues to investigate, but when she manages to find him, in a warehouse, he comes and ruthlessly attacks her and Maddie is forced to witness the attack …

  • Rai 4 21:20 – Left Behind – La profezia (Film)
  • Rai 3 21:20 – Special Kilimanjaro – the Borgo dei Borghi (documentary)
  • Rai Movie 21:10 – The invisible boy – Second generation (Film)
  • Rai Premium 21:20 – Barabba (Film)

Tonight on TV on Mediaset

Network 4 21: 27- Kissed by luck (Film)

Gaetano is a traffic warden of Parma full of debt and engaged to a beautiful girl Betty, which leads him to lead a standard of living beyond his means, but Gaetano continue to seek his fortune by continuously playing at Super Enalotto. One day a psychoanalyst friend of hers, who has always been in love with Gaetano, asks him to be his first patient. The policeman accepts but just that day he can’t play his usual numbers …

Italy 1 21:16 – Pirates of the Caribbean – Beyond the borders of the sea (Film)


2007 film starring Johnny Depp as the captain Jack Sparrow, The captain in this new chapter sets out in search of the Fountain of Eternal Youth, but along the way the search is stopped due to an encounter with his ex Angelica, daughter of the pirate Blackbeard, now in charge of his father’s crew. Angelica she is a woman as beautiful as she is a liar., but Jack wants to continue his research …

Channel 5 21:51 – Zoo – A friend to save (Film)


The film takes us back to Second World War, to the bombings of Belfast. It is the story of Tom Hall and some of his friends intent on saving Buster, a baby elephant.

Tonight on TV on the other channels

La7 21:15 – Seven years in Tibet (Film)


He Film tells the true story of an Austrian, Heinrich Harrer that leaves for Tibet and when it arrives the Lhasa makes the acquaintance of a young man Dalai Lama with whom he befriends

  • Tv8 21:15 – Bruno Barbieri – 4 Hotel (Real Tv)
  • Nine 21:25 – Vices and virtues – Conversation with Francis (TV program)
  • Sky 21:15 – The murderer’s canvas (Film)

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