“Wounded by elimination. It is the Isle of Weepers”

“Wounded by elimination. It is the Isle of Weepers”
“Wounded by elimination. It is the Isle of Weepers”

Reduced from L’Isola dei Famosi, Viscount Ferdinando Guglielmotti tells himself exclusively in an interview with Comingsoon.it

It was the first eliminated of the fifteenth edition from The Island of the Famous, but this did not mean that his path was less intense: the Viscount Ferdinando Guglielmotti he preferred to stay consistent with his thinking and leave the reality show, led by Ilary Blasi, without trying your luck on Parasite Island. With a clear eye on the dynamics of the program and on the personalities at play, which are inflaming the live broadcasts, the “Re di Capalbio” spoke exclusively to us at Comingsoon.it after saying goodbye to Honduras.

The Viscount Guglielmotti he told us with what spirit he embarked on this adventure on the small screen, revealing what he thinks of the competitors still in the race, returning to talk about the Elisa Isoardi and of that rather chat with Barbara d’Urso, with the hope of being able to commit even more to the safeguarding of his beloved Tuscia.

Viscount, what prompted you to take part in L’Isola dei Famosi?

I had a dream in my head, which was to experience firsthand the adventures of Robinson Crusoe, the novel by Daniel Defoe. On the one hand, the island was an extraordinary experience, to live in contact with nature and try to survive. On the other hand, I wanted to take part in this sociological experiment: 16 people, from different cultures and social backgrounds, forced to amalgamate to get along. The fact of getting involved, going to a dimension without technology that is so present in our society today also pushed me to participate. My life is another: I am an entrepreneur, and for me this was a gift that life has given me … This before taking part in it because things did not go as I expected!

After you found out you lost on televoting, you didn’t agree to stay on Parasite Island. Have you regretted this choice?

I said it clearly that evening, when Ilary begged me to stay. I accepted the rules of a game, on which the future of my life does not depend, and I was defeated. The audience in this telecast is sovereign and I have adhered to its power, albeit in deep disappointment. I had prepared myself physically and mentally very well, also practicing the noble art of fasting. The Buriños immediately put me in Nomination because they elected me as the leader of the Rafinados to be eliminated. I wanted to make a big island, go all the way, and finding myself eliminated made everything collapse. When they told me about Parasite Island, despite the disappointment of going out first – which is still a first (laughs) – I remained faithful to my idea and my principle of dignity. It was a very strong pain to be eliminated but this did not affect my ability to reason, also by virtue of the responsibility I felt towards my fellow citizens.

Isola dei Famosi, exclusive interview with Viscount Guglielmotti: “Elisa Isoardi? I would have liked to know more”

What is your idea of ​​your shipwrecked colleagues, especially the former Rafinados?

I got a good idea of ​​all 16 participants and what is happening now. For example, they removed the barriers between Buriños and Rafinados because it didn’t work, as well as Parasite Island… This differentiation has generated hatred and malice between the two factions, the evidence leads you to wage a fratricidal war and it is quite heavy to experience it firsthand. Akash Kumar I was sure he would not accept Parasite Island. He wanted to have this experience, he didn’t feel good, he fought with everyone and created dynamics that reflect him: he is a man who divides, either you love him or hate him. Brando Giorgi is a very nice person but he is not adapting well to what only the dynamics of L’Isola. Those who hide and keep themselves in the shadows are moving forward, those who avoid creating dynamics or who create very violent ones. An example? Gilles Rocca had a fight with Martani, live on television with Awed, but then he hears his girlfriend and starts to cry. Let’s say that it seems to me that it is becoming The Isle of Weepers.

Do you think that the dynamics created by Vera Gemma have not been in line with those that the public is rewarding?

In my personal opinion, Vera does not create dynamics but tends to focus everything on herself. The flow of his thoughts is always the same: the boyfriend in the studio, the allusions about the castaways … If you want to be a television personality, who catches the attention of viewers, you have to have different intellectual facets or you bore people. What matters within L’Isola is also having the ability to get along, you can’t always want to break everything. I noticed that there are people with an important depth who are disappearing like Elisa Isoardi …

Speaking of Elisa Isoardi, what do you think of her? Do you want to tell us something more about this growing ‘sympathy’ between you?

Elisa is an intelligent woman, she has a good sense of humor but in the last few episodes she has completely disappeared. It is closing because it does not have adequate interlocutors but after all, with the latest arguments it seemed to be in a Dante’s circle! (laughs ed.) We made statements towards each other, a nice sympathy and an affectionate relationship was born. The relationship was interrupted by my elimination – besides, I only found out after she also put me in Nomination. When Ilary made allusions, Elisa took an immediate distance but she should be asked why. For me she remains a beautiful person, whom I would like to know better and attend, I would also have liked to deepen the relationship with her on L’Isola.

While you were in Honduras, news spread of an old flirtation with Barbara d’Urso, which you immediately made clear was a simple friendship. Did Barbra contact you after L’Isola?

We have sent each other loving messages, she is really a very dear friend of mine. According to her, I should have stayed on Parasite Island! I will definitely be visiting her soon. Barbara and I have a great relationship.

Tell us more about future projects that you would like to carry out

The projects related to the small screen are all derived from L’isola dei Famosi. There was not before leaving and there is now, the need for media overexposure or to get to work in entertainment. I returned to my life as an entrepreneur with my company, which is also brilliantly overcoming this Covid crisis. I would like to take care of my territory, do something beautiful and culturally elevated for Tuscia.

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