Raffaello Tonon reveals in no uncertain terms: “I don’t want to …”

Raffaello Tonon reveals in no uncertain terms: “I don’t want to …”
Raffaello Tonon reveals in no uncertain terms: “I don’t want to …”
Raffaello Tonon is one of the most appreciated characters by the television audience, one of the latest posts published on Instagram is very special
Raffaello Tonon (Gettyimages)

The beauty in the world of television is to constantly rediscover characters with different peculiarities, especially character. Some have based their success on aspects of their personality that have allowed a differentiation to emerge from the general context. It is evidently this that also led to the media explosion of a character like Raffaello Tonon.

Discovered, in fact, by Maurizio Costanzo who wanted him on his show at the beginning of the 2000s, Tonon’s was a journey made up of great experiences, which allowed the public to get to know him and discover the many aspects of his particular personality. Even the experience a ‘Have a nice Sunday‘made it possible for the public to know the character, and obviously all the particularities of the case.

Raffaello then found his consecration thanks to his participation in the reality show ‘The farm‘, which also earned him the nickname’The Count ‘. Tonon also managed to win that edition, testimony to how much the public was able to appreciate the particular character, made of great elegance but also acumen and intelligence.

Raffaello Tonon and the rise on television

But from there, Raphael’s was a constantly growing path, which saw him become one of the undisputed protagonists of the small screen. ‘La Fattoria’, as mentioned, but also experiences as a commentator in programs such as ‘The mole‘, or himself in’ La Fattoria ‘, or’Afternoon Five‘, where Raphael is still present in several episodes today.

Then again the get involved with ‘The Big Brother Vip‘, which only saw him come out on the final evening. In short, a character widely appreciated by the public, also for his very specific ideas on various issues.

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Raphael and the lack of authorship

Tonon, at the age of 42 years old, has not yet started a family. And it doesn’t necessarily mean it does. It is he himself who, through a post published recently on Instagram, explained that he does not have that desire for paternity that many, especially at his age, tend to develop.

I don’t feel like paternity , but I thank the friends who have had the spark and the courage to be fathers. I am and will always be an uncle…. grateful to the dreamers: fathers and mothers, ”he wrote on Instagram. A post, as usual, with great elegance to expose a very clear stance.

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