“Luckily you changed your career” – Libero Quotidiano

“Luckily you changed your career” – Libero Quotidiano
“Luckily you changed your career” – Libero Quotidiano

The tension rises to the Evening of Friends 2021 between Alessandra Celentano and his former pupil Stefano De Martino, special guest of Maria De Filippi in the program that launched him in the entertainment world. The ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez was called to comment on the performance of Tommaso Stanzani e Alessandro Cavallo, after a gauntlet thrown by Lorella Cuccarini, bitter rival of Celentano. Cuccarini’s pupil, Alessandro, proved to be more prepared and technically ready and won the challenge. At that point, De Martino pinched Celentano: “I would have refused the glove.” The result is a harsh verbal confrontation with Celentano who, visibly annoyed, replied to De Martino by going far too personal: “My brain goes up in smoke. Thank goodness you have made another career. I’m just telling you this.”

There would be all the extremes for a maxi-brawl, also because the audience seems to be all aligned with the dancer and conductor, but De Martino demonstrates great elegance or perhaps very subtle perfidy and replies with these words: “Thanks for the appreciation for the change of career. Also because I think it’s something that binds us. We both do television. ”

A surprising response, which seems to quell the controversy even if the smile shown off by De Martino seems rather circumstantial and rather embittered. Celentano, however, instead of accepting the truce, increases: “I told you so. And you said no no I want to be a dancer. Instead I was right”. Translation: former pupil of Friends he did well to change career in racing, because on the dance side there was no hope. Not exactly very delicate.

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