plot and cast of the series with Jenna-Louise Coleman

The life and especially the crimes of the serial killer Charles Sobhraj are narrated in the series The Serpent, a British production exclusively on Netflix. Consisting of eight episodes, the show aims to explore the murders of Sobhraj, active in the 1970s, the police investigation and his subsequent capture. Filming took place in Thailand in 2019, until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic halted production for five months. The set reopened in August 2020 and the last takes were completed in Hertfordshire, England. The debut on the British BBC One network took place on New Year’s Day 2021, after which all the episodes were made available on the BBC iPlayer platform. In Italy, the TV series is available entirely on the Netflix streaming service April 2.

The Serpent: the plot of the tv series

Charles Sobhraj he was the prime suspect in a string of unsolved murders from 1975 to 1976. About twenty people, all young tourists, were killed in India, Thailand and Nepal during the Hippie Trail period. Psychopath, swindler, thief and master of disguise, Sobhraj cleverly manages to escape capture by authorities around the world, becoming Interpol’s most wanted man: in 1976 he had three arrest warrants on three different continents.

When Herman Knippenberg, a young diplomat at the Dutch embassy in Bangkok, unwittingly enters Sobhraj’s intricate crime network, unleashes an extraordinary chain of events that will see him start a game of chess with the criminal, to try to bring him to justice.

The Serpent: the cast and characters of the Netflix series

Charles Sobhaj is there to play Tahar rahim, French actor nominated for a 2021 Golden Globe for his role in The Mauritanian. At his side, Jenna-Louise Coleman, English actress known to the public for having played the companion of the Doctor in Doctor Who and Queen Victoria in the Victoria series. Here we find her in the part of Marie-Andrée Leclerc, Sobhraj’s partner and often his accomplice. To complete the cast: Billy Howle ed Ellie Bamber in the role of Herman and Angela Knippenberg.


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