who are Omara, William and Ricardo

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Sicilian singer-songwriter Cristiano Malgioglio has three children: Omara, William and Ricardo, all Cubans.

The singer-songwriter, lyricist and television personality Cristiano Malgioglio, born in the municipality of Ramacca (Sicily) in 1945, is a man divided by a profound dichotomy. Very reserved about his private life but almost without secrets for everything related to his working life. Malgioglio began his career in the 1960s, leaving his city to move to his sister in Genoa. In the Ligurian capital, while working at the post office, he came into contact with some of the greatest exponents of the Genoese songwriting: Gino Paoli, Luigi Tenco and Fabrizio De André. And it is the great Faber who decides to help him break into the world of entertainment, providing him with an interview in Milan at an important record company.

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Some secrets escaped from Cristiano Malgioglio

Although Cristiano Malgioglio is a public figure who often appears in various television programs, the singer-songwriter has always been able to maintain a certain reserve about his private life. Also, although today he is openly homosexual, he hadn’t talked about it for years and surrounded himself with beautiful women from the show business. First of all: her friend Valeria Marini. Today things have changed and we know that Malgioglio is currently in a relationship with a 38-year-old nutritionist who lives in Istanbul. In an interview for the weekly Chi, the lyricist friend of Faber recalled how the famous love at first sight really took place between him and his partner. They met and, since then, have never left each other and are carrying out important projects.

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But there is one thing that many do not know about Cristiano Malgioglio and that really leaves you speechless. Only once, the singer-songwriter really got naked during an interview: in 2018 for Novella 2000 he had told himself without veils. That time, in fact, he said for the first time that he was a father: he had never talked about it before, but he has long since adopted three Cuban children. Their names are are Omara, William and Ricardo: talking about them their eyes light up. Although he confessed to being more closely linked to Omara, he also feels deep affection for the other two: “I am very attached to her. I also follow two other creatures: William and Riccardo. The three of them live in Cuba. Yes, I have three long-distance children. It was a choice I made many years ago, but I never advertised it. Now they are adults, I’m proud to have helped them grow. I have not adopted them, but I consider them my children. I often go to Cuba to meet them “.

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