Cristiano Malgioglio and Enrico Papi

Also on the occasion of the Sunday of Easter 2021, today April 4th the appointment with Sunday In, the historical broadcast of Rai1 conducted by Mara Venier and aired in the early afternoon, immediately after Tg1 at 1.30pm. From 14.00 o’clock, the hostess will be at the helm of the live broadcast from the Fabrizio Frizzi studios in Rome and in the company of her numerous guests. As always, there will be space dedicated to information related to the Coronavirus emergency and the vaccination campaign underway in our country, with numerous protagonists and experts who will intervene to make spectators aware of the latest events on the topic and to respond to any doubts and questions of the same and of the host.

In particular, in this episode of Domenica In the Undersecretary for Health will immediately intervene at the opening Pierpaolo Sileri. The central topic will be the progress of the vaccination campaign, with all the problems that have ensued in recent days and the arrival of new vaccines that could contribute to making an important change. The immunologist Umberto I of Rome, the professor Francesco Le Foche to talk about vaccines currently available and new therapies with the use of monoclonal antibodies.


The talk on vaccines will entertain for a good part of the new episode of Sunday In and will also see the intervention of some guests of the Easter appointment, including Orietta Berti e Katia Ricciarelli, both in connection and waiting to get the vaccine. Just the opera singer in the previous episode of Domenica In had talked about her current situation of extreme psychological fragility waiting to be able to receive her dose which, however, had not yet arrived. In this regard, the presenter had launched a direct appeal to the governor of the Veneto region for answers regarding the timing. The actress will be in the studio instead Giovanna Ralli.

In the Easter episode of Domenica In, however, there will also be lots of entertainment with the presence of Christian Malgioglio which will be told in a long interview between private and professional life. The successes of the famous lyricist and his numerous television appearances will thus be retraced. At the end there will be a performance based on his hits. In connection from Cellino San Marco there will be Romina Power who will tell how she is spending her Easter in Puglia, in the estate of her ex-husband Al Bano. Guest also Enrico Papi which will be told in the presence of Mara Venier before performing in a musical game together with the hostess herself and Cristiano Malgioglio. Finally, we will smile again with the very good imitator Vincenzo De Lucia which will bring some of his most beloved characters: will Barbara d’Urso be there again?



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