It’s war between Brooke, Quinn and Shauna

What will happen during this week in the new episodes of Beautiful airing April 5-10: Ridge confesses to Brooke that he kissed Shauna, Brooke clashes with Quinn and Shauna

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Let’s see the news that will arrive this week in the soap of Beautiful, aired every day at 13:40 its Channel 5? Ridge confesses to Brooke to have kissed Shauna, la Logan enraged runs by Eric begging him to kick out of his home Quinn e Shauna, later Brooke will clash hard with the two women.

Ridge confesses to Brooke that he kissed Shauna

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Ridge and Steffy do not accept the sketches of Sally and the girl is afraid of being fired. Quinn instead it tries to convince Wyatt who loves Flo and not Sally. Shauna at the same time convinced that Flo is still in love with Wyatt, talk to her telling her to keep hoping.

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Ridge confesses to Brooke that with Shauna they kissed. in the meantime Quinn e Shauna they hope that their children will be able to get back together, there Fuller then, she invites her friend not to throw in the towel with Ridge.

Brooke after learning about the kiss of Ridge with Shauna, runs from Eric and begs him to turn away Fulton e Quinn from Villa Forrester, but the Fuller, hidden, listen to the conversation between the two. Eric try to calm the Logan and goes to the office to reflect on the situation.

Brooke collides with Quinn and Shauna


Katie, the younger sister of the Logan, before Bill, Will, Justin e Donna, expresses his gratitude a Flo that comes just then with Wyatt alla Spencer. Bill he seems dubious, but in the end he decides to give the girl a new chance. Quinn e Brooke have a tough fight over Shauna and when the woman reaches them, a real war breaks out: Brooke slaps Shauna!

The three women continue to argue even in front of Eric that tries in vain to calm them, indeed Shauna e Quinn they rail even more about Brooke, accusing her of being the cause of all the sufferings of her Ridge.


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