Brooke wants Hope to forgive Liam

Even on Easter day the advances on the events of the soap Beautiful continue: Hope does not intend to forgive Liam, Brooke tries to reason with her daughter, Ridge returns to confide in Shauna

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In the episode of Beautiful of the April 4th, Hope does not want to forgive Liam, ma Brooke, although shocked by her daughter’s story, she tries to make her think so that she can retrace her steps. Ridge instead he returns to confide his family problems a Shauna.

Hope does not intend to forgive Liam


Hope dfter what he saw he has no intention of forgiving Liam, so, exasperated, she goes home and gathers all the things di Liam, he wants me to leave home forever. At that moment it arrives Brooke.

Brooke enter the house and find Hope while he gathers the things of Liam. La logan he asks what is happening and the girl tells her about the kiss between Steffy and it Spencer. Brooke she is stunned, but still tries to stay calm, to help Hope to reason and asks her if she is willing to screw everything up and lose forever Liam. Then he confides to her that she too finds herself having the same thoughts as her partner: Thomas he must stay away from her and her life. Hope however he does not want to give up Douglas and she would like her mother at least to be able to understand her.

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Ridge confides in Shauna again


Ridge e Brooke to continue to argue because of Thomas. The Forrester Sr can not accept the attitude of Brooke towards his son and ultimately, he couldn’t stand the fact that the Logan agreed with the ultimatum of Liam. According to Ridge no one can consider the child’s feelings Douglas, which would remain so again, without a mother figure.

Ridge, once again, he will let off steam with Shauna, who is always ready to welcome him to console him, Fulton knows that in this way she will be able to have the full confidence of Forrester and perhaps, in the end, even something more.


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