New book by STEFANO SCRIMA from Cremona The art of smashing guitars …

Afterword by Carmine Caletti Cover illustration Eta Eleonora Liparoti

Rock and philosophy have a lot more in common than you can imagine. In fact, they are both attempts to know and deepen the real without being satisfied with what we are told to be right and wrong, and therefore weapons to question the state of things or, in another way, tools to “broaden the front of the possible” , that is to go into the knowledge of ourselves and of the world beyond the miserable spaces granted by the rhythms of our days. The art of smashing guitars speaks precisely of this, starting from the birth of the rock movement as a “tragic” and “diabolical” experience, based on interpretations of the world of thinkers such as Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Colli, to arrive at the connections between philosophers and rock star (Eraclito and Jimi Hendrix, Plato and the Doors, Diogene and Iggy Pop, Schopenhauer and Nirvana, Nietzsche and Queen), from rock that starts to do philosophy, a philosophy that breaks the eardrums (with David Bowie, Clash, Joy Division, John Lennon), up to the iconic rebellion of the act / rite of smashing musical instruments as a plastic manifestation of rock’s philosophical break with the dominant narrative. An evocative text for rock lovers who want to deepen its philosophy and for lovers of philosophy who already knew how much rock this was, but obviously also for those who love both rock and philosophy, who will find in these pages – with love – the their intimate bond.


Always passionate about rock, in 2005 he founded Sydrojé, with whom he will leave a mark in the Cremonese underground. Pursuing another passion of his, philosophy, he then took a degree in Philosophical Sciences in Bologna. Among his recent books: The art of disobeying told by the devil (Colonnese, 2020); Vain attempts to sell the soul to the devil (Nettle, 2020) and Philosophical Guide of Spain. From Seneca to Pedro Almodóvar (Diogene Multimedia, 2020). For Castelvecchi he published Digito therefore we are (2019) and Socrate on Facebook (2018); for Il Melangolo Filosofi all’Inferno (2019) and The lazy philosopher (2017); for Alternative Press The art of suffering (2018) and Nauseati (2016); for Ediciclo Santiago and clouds (2018). “SatisPhilo” is his philosophy column on Satisfiction.

Stefano Scrima – The art of smashing guitars. Rock and philosophy 13,00 € Afterword by Carmine Caletti Cover illustration Eta Eleonora Liparoti SKU: 9788892770300 CATEGORIES: Music, news


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