Stranger Things 4: Gaten Matarazzo makes a revelation about the series

The fourth season of Stranger Things it is at a standstill, and the public has now almost abandoned the idea of ​​being able to watch it by 2021. Unfortunately, it is one of the many projects to have suffered the consequences of the pandemic. The virus, in fact, had stopped filming suddenly, delaying the work.

Now there are other problems to complicate the situation. In fact, there are several factors that contribute to creating inconvenience. For example, the settings: filming is performed in different countries around the world and often the cast does not know the start date until the last moment. Furthermore, even the script writing it proceeds in fits and starts and the actors can read the script gradually. Despite this, we know some official news about the plot, for example that Hopper is still alive and far from Hawkins. Holes Matarazzo, who plays Dustin in the series, made some unexpected statements during an interview: these are of interest to Stranger Things fans.

Stranger Things 4: what Gaten Matarazzo said

Holes Matarazzo is one of the stars of the TV series, where he plays the sympathetic Dustin. Thanks to the show he achieved incredible success, which led him to conduct a whole program as well his Prank Encounters – Creepy Jokes, available with the new episodes starting from April on Netflix.

The actor during a ‘interview to Collider he admitted: “For the shooting dates we have a few days, in fact we work day by day. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when we will shoot next week, but more work should be done from the following month. we will shoot next week. Starting next month I should be working more. Furthermore, I don’t know when the shooting will end“.

Already in the past years, the writers proceeded gradually with the writing of the script and this situation continues today. However, the Covid-19 already puts limits on the cast and not having the script right away, risks further delaying the work. Matarazzo added that: “When the pandemic started we had the script for six episodes. It was thought to finish everything in time, but then there was a slowdown. In any case, the writers are focused only on this work, which occupies their mind entirely. They’ve already outlined the story and I think it’s something positive. ”

In short, the actor also confirmed that the shooting are on the high seas, as well as the writing of the episodes. We will definitely see the second season in early 2022.

Stranger Things 4: what we know about the plot

We know that the fourth season of Stranger Thing will mostly focus on Jim Hopper, which at the end of the third season everyone thought was dead. The sheriff is alive and well, but a long way from Hawkins. It is located in a concentration camp in Russia, where he risks his life also because of a monstrous creature coming from the Upside Down. In short, the fourth season promises to be full of emotions and twists. All that remains is to wait for the new episodes and, in the meantime, watch some series similar to Stranger Things available on Netflix or other platforms.

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