the attack of Maglie after the controversy over vaccines, Fedez also intervenes

The statements of Chiara Ferragni against the management of the vaccination campaign in Lombardy. A tweet from the reporter Maria Giovanna Maglie he rekindled the controversy: «Chiara Ferragni’s postpartum depression produces ferocious political denunciations of Lombardy. Always the old story of doing your job (so to speak) ». The first to react to the provocation was Fedez: «This lady diagnosed my wife with postpartum depression via Twitter, avant-garde. And I was limited to recognizing the nonsense given birth by certain idiots. I have to update myself ».

Chiara Ferragni attacks: “Nonna di Fedez vaccinated just because I’m famous.” But Ats Milano denies it

Chiara Ferragni’s answer

The reply from Chiara Ferragni was not long in coming: “For the journalist who diagnosed me with postpartum depression, via Twitter for having exposed myself, I would like to say that in this way she is not only unprofessional (she has turned into a doctor tweet in which he states that everyone deviates from doing their job) but also completely out of place by ridiculing a very serious and disabling situation that affects at least 10/15% of women and that must absolutely be taken seriously “.

Maria Giovanna Maglie, after the fuss raised, took the floor again on Twitter concluding: «I repeat the concept, I claim the joke that Ferragni’s left-wing fans think is their privilege. The failure to report the municipality of residence in compiling the membership was the only problem of Fedez’s grandmother. The rest is propaganda ».

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