Homophobia, direct Instagram with Zan, Fedez: “Law blocked by a Northern League senator”

A direct Instagram to support the ddl Zan I count the homotransphobia approved in the House and stopped for months in the Senate and thus dispel “fake news” ‘such as those according to which the law on violence and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity “introduces the crime of opinion” . Fedez takes the field with all its social mobilization and appeals to Parliament to act quickly. Also inviting his followers to write to the president of the Justice Commission, the senator of the League Andrea Ostellari, to unlock the stall at Palazzo Madama.

“The law has been blocked for six months – says Fedez who had already intervened in recent days against some of the Northern League’s sentences Simone Pillon – So, an interesting thing to do, is to go and look in these six months what are the priority things that have been discussed in the Senate, I’m sure you will find a list of huge bullshit … “. In the live Instagram, the singer dresses the role of the moderator and tries to explain to the younger public what the bill provides by asking a series of questions to the father of the text, the deputy Pd Alessandro Zan. A live broadcast in which the singer’s wife, the influencer, also intervenes at times Chiara Ferragni.

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by Giovanna Casadio

02 April 2021

Zan explains that “in the Chamber the law was approved by a large majority on November 4th and that almost 6 months have passed. In the Senate it happens that the Justice Commission, where the Iter must begin, the examination has not yet started , because the president of the commission, a certain Senator Ostellari, is blocking the law “‘. Fedez immediately flares up: “What party are you from? ‘ Zan replies: “Of the League. He is blocking the law arbitrarily.” And Fedez: “In what capacity?”.

Zan: “The Justice Commission is hostage to a minority and its president”

Alessandro Zan adds: “The president has the powers to convene the commission and the agendas. We have the majority of the Justice commission who wants scheduling, but unfortunately he is hostage to a minority and its president, who decides on scheduling, that is, to start the process or not. So in the end the law is blocked because he disagrees. It’s absurd “. Fedez catches on the fly.

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01 April 2021

“I translate it for the people since I have the eighth grade – he says – From what I understand in a secular democratic state, because we don’t live in a Catholic state and let’s never forget it, in a democracy, a Chamber has widely approved the draft law; the ball passes to the Senate, in the hands of the Justice Commission. In the Commission there is a majority to schedule it and vote for it, but a minority in the person of the president of the commission, does not schedule it in a completely arbitrary way, by side. in democracy? But I say ‘schedule it, get it to vote’ and then the democratic state will choose whether to approve it or not. So it makes no sense “.

The Democratic Party deputy adds: “They implement strategies …”. Fedez he interrupts him: “Yes, the point is that they say that there is something more important to vote. I would like to see the agendas of what is discussed in the Senate every day, to see if everything is a priority. I’m really curious. I am sure that we will certainly talk about fundamental things in the Senate … “. Zan observes: “The serious thing in my opinion is that the president of the Commission should be super partes, take off his party shirt and take into account the prevailing sensitivity of the commission that wants to schedule and discuss the law.

The battle is not won only in Parliament, it is won above all outside thanks to personalities from the world of entertainment who have visibility because they create a movement of opinion on this and we will be able to put pressure against those who use the means to cover up and lengthen the times with delaying techniques “.

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