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Alessio Boni, live drama: “Witness to two suicides”

Alessio Boni tells his drama live: in two different moments of his life he was an eyewitness to two suicides


Intense and profound actor, much loved by the public (especially the female one), the new effort by Alessio Boni it’s a book. ‘Biting the fog’ is a concentrate of emotions and experiences, with some dramatic chapters. And the interview with ‘Verissimo’ was a good opportunity to talk about it.

Because Boni, from Bergamo doc, was involuntary witness to two suicidesthe consumed under his eyes. It looks like fiction but it’s real life as he told Silvia Toffanin. he explained that he knew those two people very well and did not think they would be able to do something like that, yet it happened.

“In one case it happened when we were on the set, in the other while we were riding a motorbike in Madagascar. It’s a really strange thing because it hardly happens to witness something like this, while it has happened to me twice. And you realize how everything is nothing in a second, ”he said.

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Alessio Boni, the complicated relationship with his father: the arrival of his son Lorenzo changed everything

The chat with Silvia Toffanin, however, also served to talk about her family. Boni said he experienced a conflicted relationship with his father because the latter would have liked to see him continue the family business. But he wanted to become an actor and for the parent, who has a somewhat closed character, it was not easy to accept.

Today he too has been a father, for about a year, and with the arrival of his son Lorenzo everything has changed. At 53 he hardly expected it any more but it was a beautiful turning point: “He’s teaching me a lot, I play with him as much as possible. It is a completely different form of love The birth of a child is like opening the door of the Sistine Chapel ”.


A comparison that to some seemed excessive but has a precise meaning. The same wonder that he had tried to admire the cultured chapel, he feels it when he is close to his son who has arrived at a mature age and for this reason he is able to live it in a different way.

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