Amici 20, Giulia De Lellis ‘crazy’ for one of the protagonists of the evening

Giulia De Lellis revealed that she is a big fan of one of the protagonists of the twentieth edition of Friends, the talent-show of Channel 5.

The talent-show of Friends 20, is increasingly thrilling the audience of Mediaset and the people of the web. During this period, the students are experiencing the magic of the highly anticipated evening. After being split into three teams, the boys faced early eliminations, as we have could see in the first and second installments, which saw the release of Gaia e That before Ibla e Leonardo Lamacchia then.

In addition to the race to the podium and the opinion of the three judges – Stefano De Martino, Emanuele Filiberto e Stash – the boys are subjected to daily general satisfaction rankings. One of the many, the one announced by the editorial staff of talent of Maria De Filippi complete with televoting. The aim was in fact to bring the affection and warmth of the public from home to the boys. It was the winner of the televoting contest in the dance category Giulia Stabile. Instead, he won in the singing category Sangiovanni. The two young winners – who are also linked by a feeling – received much higher and far from those received by the rest of the class.

In particular, Sangiovanni, a young singer-songwriter, seems to be – according to many – the already announced winner of the twentieth edition of Friends. To think so apparently, it would also seem to be the note influence Giulia De Lellis.

On a road trip with his Carlo Gussalli, the former suitor – unleashed on the notes of Lady – revealed his passion for the young singer-songwriter saying “crazy about him“And adding:”I love what I have to do... “. In conclusion, the ex-girlfriend of Andrea Damante has displaced: “He is too good though… and beautiful!“. These the Instagram Stories published by Giulia on his profile:

And you like it Sangiovanni?