Fedez attacks the Lombardy Region: “Shame on you and apologize to all citizens”

He made an appeal to the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana and to the Vice President Letizia Moratti regarding the vaccine issue that involved the grandmother, forgotten and then “passed on” only because she was the grandson of Fedez. So the rapper said in a roundup of Stories on Instagram: “Attilio Fontana, Letizia Moratti we want to rediscover the sense of shame and apologize to all citizens for having adopted a behavior that does not see the same rights and opportunities in citizens, but simply a modality that is about saving face and avoiding the media pillory? At least apologize ”.

The singer started from the accusations addressed to his wife by a journalist, according to which Chiara was pushed by “post partum depression” in reporting the incident. Ferragni had attacked the Lombardy Region for the method of administering the vaccines, explaining that Fedez’s grandmother would be contacted to be vaccinated only after her social outburst. And she wondered how much chance elderly people who have no known relatives have of being vaccinated. Chiara’s accusations had wide resonance. Ats, Health Protection Agency – Lombardy Region, denied the entrepreneur’s version and added that Fedez’s grandmother would have omitted the municipality of residence in compiling the request and this would have caused delays.

“Dear Lombardy Region, I would have avoided raging on this matter, but after a certain type of journalists who try to defend you at all costs have come to diagnose my wife with postpartum depression, let’s be clear”, says Fedez in the videos on the social and denies the version of the facts provided by Ats.

“The Lombardy region denies what my wife wrote yesterday, namely that my grandmother was vaccinated exactly the day after my wife made the stories about the region and that they asked her: ‘Are you Fedez’s grandmother?’. The Region then claims that my grandmother made a mistake in filling out the form by omitting the municipality of residence. Unfortunately, this excuse leaks from all sides. On the site, when you fill out the application for the vaccine, the municipality of residence is automatically put. If that wasn’t enough to make you look like the biggest shit of all time, I’ll tell you that my grandmother filled out the vaccine application months ago and, look, she was contacted the day after I posted. a story where the Region apologized for the delay. There too, the next day, a strange coincidence without favoritism and preferences. My grandmother could not go out that day because she was sick in one leg. Then they forgot about her as they did with all the other elders and the day after my wife makes a story to complain about the Region, what happens? My grandmother is contacted to be vaccinated and they ask her: ‘Are you Fedez’s grandmother?’ ‘This is the Lombardy mode, trying to plug the holes and silence the controversy in a system that leaks from all sides “.


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