‘An evening with friends’, Christian De Sica’s show on Rai Uno

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03 April 2021 17:00

A special evening to celebrate a protagonist of the history of the Italian show: Christian De Sica. ‘An evening with friends’ is the long-awaited one man show, broadcast on Saturday 3 April at 21.25 on Rai1, which marks the return to Rai of one of the most loved characters from the cinema, theater and TV audiences, with a band of 32 elements.

A walk between music and words, plus a series of hilarious monologues by Christian De Sica and the debut of his daughter, Maria Rosa De Sica, who will sing with her father for the first time. Another special guest of the evening will be Carlo Verdone, historical friend and brother-in-law of the artist.

‘An evening with friends’ is a program produced in collaboration with Ballandi. Written by Christian De Sica and Pino Strabioli, with Simone di Rosa, Marco Pantaleo, Simone Pinelli and with Francesco Valitutti. Directed by Cristiano D’Alisera.

“An evening where Christian will be the protagonist”

Pino Strabioli accompanied Christian De Sica in the writing of this one man show: “It is an evening where Christian will be the protagonist and I will be his Virgil who leads him and marks various moments in the life and career of this great artist and of his formidable encounters – he explains – A man who as the son of Vittorio De Sica, in his life met the greatest artists of the world show, from Charlie Chaplin to Ingrid Bergman, Roberto Rossellini, Anna Magnani and many others. I’m a memory maniac, I lead him towards these memories “.

The evening was recorded in February, before Strabioli was hit by Covid (now he is cured): “The idea was born from a theatrical show that I did with Christian around Italy – he continues – The director of Rai1, Stefano Coletta came to see it and so we began to think about the possibility of transforming it into a program with a television language. We have a magnificent orchestra of 32 elements directed by Maestro Marco Tiso, a beautiful scenography by Marco Calzavara and directed by Cristiano D ‘Alisera, for a show that marks a bit of a return to great variety for Christian who, in addition to singing, also has many comic moments in which, with hilarious monologues, he recounts various things that have happened to him in his life “.

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