Men and women, new life for Gero Natale: the knight of the throne over revolutionizes everything

In a few days of stay on the throne over of Men and women Gero Natale has conquered the female parterre but also the public at home who has expressed in various ways a lot of curiosity towards the new knight. The Agrigento, professional bar tender with the dream of one day becoming an aircraft pilot, he has conquered more than one lady having in some circumstances also questionable behavior.
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Men and Women, Gero Natale: “I tried but that’s not what I really want!”

The knight in this period of presence a Men and women did not find his ideal woman, despite an approach to Lara and Samantha and the many suitors who came to the throne over just to get to know him Gero decided to abandon the format and the insistence ofthe Maria de Filippi and the editorial staff of the program, certain of the media attention that the man has generated. The tender bar has understood that the study of Men and women it’s not for him, and that to fix his life he has to focus on something else:

“I’ve tried but that’s not what I really want. I need to take back my life and understand what I really want to do ”. So after a long stay in Rome Gero returned to Agrigento where he decided to get back into the game, ready to open his own place: “I think I’m going back behind the counter. Open a new restaurant on the coast, perhaps in San Leone, to have drinks and have fun. “

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Gero; “Men and women? It was worth it! “

Gero also added that participate in Men and women it was a good experience, especially in this period that the premises due to the pandemic have been closed has been able to deal with a reality decidedly different from his own. The ex-knight is ready to go back behind the counter, now certainly more popular thanks to the program of Maria de Filippi.

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In this regard he stated: “I am not sorry to have participated in the De Filippi program and to have spent months of time on television; it helped me to get to know myself better. “ He then concluded: “Above all I realized that love is a private thing and it’s not okay to tell it on TV! “


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