“Fontana and Moratti, apologize”

“Attilio Fontana and Letizia Moratti, apologize”. Fedez, in a series of stories on Instagram, thus addresses the leaders of the Lombardy Region after the case related to the vaccination of his grandmother. The lady, 90, according to the rapper and his wife Chiara Ferragni, was called from the region only after the publication of some stories by the influencer, who stigmatized the gaps in the regional vaccination system. Some media, reporting information associated with the region, referred to an error in filling out the form by Fedez’s grandmother. “Dear Lombardy Region, I would have avoided rage … Lombardy denies what my wife wrote, that my grandmother was vaccinated exactly the day after the stories published by my wife. My grandmother would have been wrong to fill in the form and would have omitted the municipality of residence. Unfortunately this excuse is watering everywhere “, says the rapper.

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“First point: on the Aria website, when you fill out the application, the municipality is automatically entered. If this were not enough, I say that my grandmother filled out the application for the vaccine months ago and was contacted after my publication of some stories on Instagram “where” the region apologized for the delay. The next day, what a coincidence. My grandmother was unable to go out that day because she had a bad leg. My wife makes stories about the region and what happens? My grandmother is contacted and they ask her: ‘Are you Fedez’s grandmother?’ This is the Lombardy way, plugging holes to avoid controversy “, he adds before addressing directly to Governor Fontana and vice president Moratti. “Apologize for having adopted a behavior that does not see the same rights and opportunities for the citizen” but aims “to save face to avoid the media pillory”.


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