What to stream on Netflix: 3 copyright tips

What to stream on Netflix? This is the eternal dilemma of those who have almost infinite catalogs available and do not know where to start, but also a question we try to answer with our Saturday column! Today we thought about proposing you three award-winning Italian films to see on Netflix. Let’s find out what they are!

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what to stream

They called him Jeeg Robot

Ezio is a street thief, one who finds himself – almost in spite of himself – entangled with the underworld of Rome.


He’s never been special in anything, at least until it turns out he’s got quite a lot of radioactive waste flowing into the Tiber. The result? He finds himself with gods supernatural powers.

Inspired by the work Jeeg robot d’acciaio of which nostalgics will remember the anime version, the director Gabriele Mainetti stages the story of an ordinary man, harassed by the system he belongs to, who suddenly finds himself taking on the role of the superhero.

Nearly reaching the Oscar nomination for “Best Foreign Film” in 2017, the film received several applicationsat the David di Donatello, at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam and at Sitges, the International Festival of Fantastic Cinema in Catalonia.

They called him Jeeg Robot it’s perfect if you’re groping around the Netflix catalog and don’t know what to stream this weekend.

On my skin

High impact film presented at the 75th Venice International Film Festival, On my skin by Alessio Cremonini it has received awards from critics and great moments of reflection from the international public.

The film tells the story of Stefano Cucchi until his death. A painful death to look at and to think about, because it occurred during an arrest for drug dealing due to a beating covered up for a long time.

Alessandro Borghi’s masterful interpretation also got a David di Donatello for the “Best leading actor”.

On Radio 32 Stefano’s sister, Ilaria Cucchi, commented on the film as follows: “A huge emotion!… It was not easy to get the truth in a courtroom. When they looked at the photos of my brother’s body they had clear the truth and it was very difficult to get to this point: in a fair trial. I knew that Stefano had been beaten, I knew it from the beginning, having seen him on the morgue table. I must say that reading the detailed description of what Stefano had to go through that night was really devastating, not only as Stefano’s sister, but also as a citizen, I think it’s intolerable and we can’t ignore it ”.

Sulla Mia Pelle is therefore a perfect movie if you don’t know what to stream tonight and are looking for something that really excites.


Still have doubts about what to stream on the weekend? Our third proposal is Dogman, successful film by Matteo Garrone (known to the public for his Gomorrah).

The film tells the story of Maximum which, behind his grooming activity, he hides dealing business.

The protagonist will be persuaded by a criminal in his area to perform a “big shot”, a crime that will ruin his existence to the point of leading him to consider killing his accomplice.

Everything happens in the outskirts of Rome, a place where Massimo sees almost the same dynamics of the animal world in which only the strongest survive.

Do you already know which title to play first? We wish you good viewing and, if you still haven’t found what is right for you, we remind you that every Saturday we offer you many films to watch in streaming on the various platforms: here the proposals of last week.

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