“we would have liked to release the new album at least five years ago”

During a recent interview released for the American broadcaster 100.3 The X Rocks Dexter Holland and Noodles talked about the genesis and processing of the new album by Offspring Let The Bad Times Roll, coming out worldwide next April 16.

The guitarist Noodles specifically he declared how much the band would have used to release a new studio work much earlier, without letting almost 10 years pass between this new album and the previous work Days Go By of the 2012: “We’ve been working on it for quite a while. To tell the truth about two or three years ago it all really started to take shape, we had a really creative period. Since then we have been able to make it come true. But we were hoping that a new record could probably be finished five years ago. In the end it took longer to do something that we felt strongly and that represented the band in the best light“.

The singer and frontman Dexter Holland he then added: “I think so. It had to be perfect before even deciding to publish it. We didn’t have an expiration date. We didn’t even have a record label, actually, we were floating. But it was a good time to take our time and make the right record“.

Asked by the interviewer about how hard it was for the band not to release those songs for so long, Dexter replied: “When you have something that works you think “Oh, man. I can’t wait to get it out!” But sometimes you have to go back and wait. I mean, we’ve been taking our time since the pandemic started, because we thought, “This is probably not the best time to release a record, because then we can’t go on tour, we can’t promote it, we can’t play it to the kids. “. We continued working on the disc, adapting and modifying it, and it actually improved over the course of this year. Then we thought we couldn’t wait forever and then decided to publish itO”.

Let The Bad Times Roll the next will come out April 16 for the Concord Records label and the first single extracted is the homonymous song that gives the title to the disc. Listen to it here and watch the video: