Alberto Matano, his colleague writes “I miss you”: gossip explodes

The colleague leaves him a message on Instagram, “I miss you”, and the followers go crazy: could it be Alberto Matano’s girlfriend?

“It is a recent discovery, even if since I was a boy I have not suffered sentimental problems due to physical appearance. I don’t know if it helped me to be perceived as such, but I didn’t take it as a strength “: so says Alberto Matano, speaking with The print of his status as a sex symbol (and how that can help him with women). Matano is one of the most popular conductors in Italy, not only for his skill in his work but also for his fascinating appearance. The man, after the years as a single and the silence maintained on all past relationships, finally confessed in an interview that he was engaged. With whom? This Matano preferred not to say, but some recent messages would have brought the public one step closer to the identity of the mysterious woman.

“I miss you”

It is no mystery that Roberta Morise and Alberto Matano are friends. The two constantly appear in each other’s Instagram photos, exchanging messages even under the posts. There are those, however, who suspect that between the two there may be something more than a simple friendship (even if nothing has been confirmed yet).

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The pandemic period has separated many people, including VIPs. For this reason, apparently, Roberta Morise replied to a story on Instagram where Alberto Matano was next to a friend. The woman’s words? “Missed”.

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Only recently Roberta Morise published a very romantic photo on her Instagram profile: the protagonist, however, is not Matano, but Giulio Fratini (an Italian entrepreneur who, in the past, was also with Raffaella Fico). Hence the doubt: on the one hand there are those who believe that between Morise and Fratini there is nothing, given the message that the woman left on the Matano bulletin board. Others believe that “miss” was a simple gesture from friend to friend. The true meaning of those words, as Lucio Battisti sang, we will discover only by living.