selfie from above but the shirt is unbuttoned, fans crazy

Anna Tatangelo shoots herself a selfie and posts it in Instagram stories, after the emotional message to her son, today she thinks of herself

Anna Tatangelo (Getty Images)

On this sunny day and the unusual heat, Anna Tatangelo he lets himself go to a series of selfie which he then publishes on his Instagram profile. Despite wearing the mask, the accessory that is now part of us, you can see its radiance and it had been a long time since the fans hadn’t seen it. The last year was very important for the singer and full of changes, first the separation from her partner and then the pandemic, but as always she managed to find the sun that is in her and now she continues her path.

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Anna Tatangelo: the divine outdoor selfie

anna tatangelo selfie

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Jeans, a slightly low-cut white shirt, a white mask and she’s ready for a selfie. Makeup for Tatangelo never fails, on every occasion it must be perfect from every point of view. Even in the photos at home or during a workout we can see how the singer never gives up on make up, simple but present. So the star enjoys the first sunny days, in the open air, a bit of freedom given the conditions dictated by the Coronavirus. His selfies immediately make the rounds of the web and fans do not give up leaving a heart to the woman.

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Spring has finally arrived, not only as a season but as a state of mind and Anna is ready to live it to the fullest in the company of her son, her family and all the followers who have been following and supporting her for years. They too are growing day by day, currently there are nearly two million.


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