“My Cyborg present in every version of the film”

Among the next films of the DC Extended Universe to see the light of a cinema (hopefully!) There will be the standalone dedicated to the Flash by Ezra Miller and if you remember the presence of the Cyborg of Ray Fisher, before the recent controversies and his internal struggles at Warner slowly accompanied him to the door.

If you remember, at the time the Justice League movie was announced, a list was drawn up with all future Warner / DC projects and among these there was not only the feature film starring Flash, but this would also lead to standalone film dedicated entirely to Cyborg, in which the absolute protagonist would have been precisely Ray Fisher. However, things turned out differently. Batman v Superman was received lukewarmly by critics and audiences and this led to the change of plans in the running for Justice League, the hiring of Joss Whedon to lighten the tone, the reduction of the role of Cyborg who at that point became a minor character.

Plans for a Cyborg movie were shelved and soon Ray Fisher’s ire would sweep over the studio effectively leading to his firing from the Warner / DC movies. Just in the last few hours, Fisher revealed how his character was present in every version of the Flash movie before his departure. This was when the film was written by Seth Grahame-Smith and was to be directed by Rick Famuyiwa.

Regarding Rick’s Flash I don’t know much about what happened behind the scenes. Lately, I understand, they could not agree on the story between what Rick wanted and what others were asking. I never specifically discussed what it would be like, but I know one thing: Rick is a very serious person and a professional. I have seen that he is also a person with some integrity and therefore it is normal when you can no longer tell the story you want to say: ‘Look, this is not where to be. No offense. ‘ If that’s what happened, good for him“.

Returning to the fact that the role of Cyborg was more than a cameo in the Flash movie, Fisher said: “As far as I knew at the time there was no Flash Version that didn’t include Cyborg. I think Rick’s perspective on Cyborg would have been interesting, something to explore in the standalone character film. Not just on the action side, because his stories are full of heart and meaning“.

Flash will be released in theaters on November 4, 2022, recently Billy Crudup left the cast for his engagements on the set of The Morning Show.

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