Isola 15, Arianna Cirrincione defends herself from criticism

Isola 15, Arianna Cirrincione defends herself from criticism
Isola 15, Arianna Cirrincione defends herself from criticism

Last night it went on the air the sixth episode ofIsola 15. A pretty tough night for the newcomer, Andrea Cerioli. The former tronista in the first weeks has in fact admitted that he has clearly accused the distance from his family and his partner but above all the abstinence from smoking.

An image that of Andrea very different than what we expected to see. Her tenderness and kind manner definitely outweighed the idea of macho with which the beautiful Cerioli it seemed to have landed inside the game-show of Channel 5.

Just during last night’s episode, April 1st, Arianna Cirrincione – the shipwrecked companion – had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Andrea:

We’ve often talked about fatherhood but we don’t like programming. Love, however, come on. I’m fine, we’re all fine. We all support you. Please cheer yourself up because you have so much to give. Take the cool and leave everything else. La Tata (the sister of Andrea, ed) told me that if you don’t get excited, he’ll come over there and headbut you. You know what it’s like. I recommend love. I love you.

HERE, to see the video of the moment.

The Cirrincione was criticized immediately after the episode for being – according to the follower – rather crude in communicating with Andrea. from L’ gieffino he had had a very busy week and after talking to the Cirrincione he had strongly considered the possibility of leaving Honduras, only to roll up his sleeves and return to play.

A little while ago, the former suitor of Men and women posted on his profile Instagram a stories in which he explains the reasons why he addressed those words to Andrea:

You know it’s not like me. But I find it fair to say a few words compared to yesterday. First of all, I thank those who, as always, are not missing in a message of support. You are special and I really thank you from my heart. But I also wanted to say that those who think that I have not supported Andrea that it is absolutely not like that. He is a wonderful boy and his fragility is the most beautiful thing that can be found in a man.

It’s still:

My role is also to give him a shake when needed. The Andrea I know is as sensitive as she is strong in character. This is what I tried to convey to him yesterday. I’m sure he got it perfectly. It’s not always the sweet words that make the difference. I don’t need to sneak. I love him more than myself and I will always support him and in any case. He knows it. So I reiterate strength and courage, love. you and I understood each other.

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