the confession of Pierpaolo Pretelli

Pierpaolo Pretelli admits to having seen Gregoraci again after the Gf Vip and explains why nothing could ever have been born between them.

I of day Gregorelli they don’t give up and want to see together Pierpaolo Pretelli ed Elisabetta Gregoraci. The statements of both, who spoke of a sympathy and not of love, were of no use, least of all the fans take into account the fact that their favorite is genuinely happy with Giulia Salemi. The latest statements of theex competitor of the Big Brother Vip make clear, once and for all, the thought of Pierpaolo about her flirting with Elisabetta, revealing that between them there was also a meeting after the end of reality show of Channel 5.

Big Brother Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli has reviewed Elisabetta Gregoraci

The path of Pierpaolo Pretelli in Home of the Big Brother Vip was marked by the special friendship with Elisabetta Gregoraci. A special understanding seemed to be about to be born between the two and the fans united under the banner of Gregorelli to support it. Flag that still carry raised despite both have moved on for some time. Pierpaolo is happy with Giulia Salemi, and makes a sweet dedication to her on Instagram on the occasion of his birthday.

Elisabetta has returned to her job and her son Nathan and doesn’t seem willing to win back the attention ofex Velino. In short, all is well what ends well, if only the Gregorelli they do not give up and continue to push for the two to reunite, looking for imaginary clues even on the web. Interviewed by Novella 2000, on Pretelli clarified the situation once and for all with the showgirl calabrese.

“My story with Giulia designed for business? Invented nonsense. On social media there are lines of fans who clash daily. There are the Gregorellis who dreamed of my engagement with Elisabette Gregoraci. We met with Elisabetta after the end of the reality show, but for work reasons. I have always avoided contacting her or making friends. This is out of respect for Giulia. Nothing could be born with Eli and this was because she had set up stakes. You keep braking from the start, but it seems people don’t want to accept it “, commented Pierpaolo but who knows if his fans will listen to him!

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