HOPE will have to identify the body … of whom?

HOPE will have to identify the body … of whom?
HOPE will have to identify the body … of whom?

HOPE / Beautiful

If you follow us you know it: in American bets of Beautiful someone is about to die, starting a mystery mystery about a murder. However, to know the identity of the person who will lose his skin, viewers will have to wait for the episode that will air in the United States on April 5, and then have a subsequent first surprise in this new storyline already in the next episode. The advances, however, without revealing too much, they give some details on the dynamics of events.

The “crime” seems to be linked to the difficult marital situation of Liam e Hope Spencer: although the girl has decided to separate from her husband (waiting to understand if she will be able to overcome her umpteenth betrayal or if, on the contrary, proceed with a divorce), the young Spencer will seem able to breach his consort’s disappointment and the two will share a kiss that will leave him hopeful. However, a friendly visit will eventually turn into a nightmare when someone unexpectedly dies, forever changing the lives of the Forresters, Logans and Spencers.

Beautiful, US previews: will BILL SPENCER cover anyone?

The spoiler they continue stating that Bill Spencer will decide to take the situation into his own hands, giving rise to a hedging operation about what happened. The reason? Well, the publisher will feel he must protect an innocent.

Meanwhile, however, Hope will be worried when Liam is late in showing up for the appointment they will have to have lunch together and, above all, Brooke’s daughter will have to rush to the hospital to help identify the victim: to die will be a person so close to Hope that just will you be asked for the dramatic action of recognition?

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In sight of this, if we had reported what were the most accredited hypotheses among fans on the identity of the dead man, now in reality it becomes very difficult to think that Hope is the one who will be contacted to confirm the identity of a corpse if, as suggested by viewers on social media, to die is Vinny Walker or cousin Flo Logan. A wife, on the other hand, would clearly be the first person to be informed and to have the legal responsibility to recognize her husband’s body.

But really Liam will be late for their meeting… why will he be the one to die? Or will he have to be protected by Bill to prevent him from being charged with murder? To stay up to date on this topic, follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking the button with the “star”.

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