Alessandra Mastronardi, will you become Allieva 4? what the actress reveals

In recent days, there are many viewers, fond of the fiction ‘The pupil’, who are wondering about the possibility of seeing the actors Lino Guanciale and Alessandra Mastronardi in the next season, grappling with crimes and thrillers to be solved.

Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale

The actor Lino Guanciale has already made it clear that he will never return to play the role of Claudio Conforti, because he is struggling with new work commitments.

Alessandra Mastronardi, will you become Allieva 4? what the actress reveals

However, this does not mean that Guanciale’s place cannot be taken by another actor, who will have the difficult task of replacing him. In short, the situation, until a few days ago, was not entirely clear, on the resumption of the fiction, much loved by the public, based on the novels of Alessia Gazzola.

To dispel all kinds of doubts, the female protagonist, Alessandra Mastronardi, took care of it, in a direct instagram with ‘Grazia’ in which, she was asked, if the new seasons of the fictions most dear to her will return, such as ‘I Cesaroni’ and ‘L’Allieva’.

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To this question, the actress replied: “There will be no Cesaroni, I don’t think they will May. We should be grandparents by now, all of them. I don’t think the pupil will be there anymore ”. In fact, it would not make sense to go and upset a fiction, which, for three seasons, saw Mastronardi and Guanciale act in perfect harmony.

About the relationship, with her colleague, Mastronardi confides: “Lino is like one of the family, a close relative of mine. I do not know when we will return to work together, I hope soon because with him it is always a party to act, it is all natural, spontaneous. He is an actor who takes you by the hand ”.

In fact, the complicity and harmony between the two protagonists, also visible from home, led to the indisputable success of the fiction. On the other hand, the Allieva ended her third season, definitively, with the wedding of Alice and Claudio, putting the happy ending to their stormy romantic relationship.

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After these statements, it can be stated that the season of fiction l’Allieva is officially over, and to review again, the two good actors act together, we must wait, to see them engaged in a new production.

Alessandra Mastronardi, says she is happy, for how the fiction ended, with a moving and touching marriage. Currently, the actress is busy shooting a film about the life of the dancer Carla Fracci, a difficult and demanding role, which the good Mastronardi will carry out with professionalism and stubbornness.

Mastronardi and Guanciale on the set of ‘l’Allieva’

Among the projects that concern private life, Alessandra announced that she wanted to carve out a some space, to expand the family, together with his partner, Scottish actor Ross McCall. And we wish him so wholeheartedly.

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