when Ridley Scott did a spell, and for the second time!

Tonight on Rai 3 from 21:20 back on the air All the money in the world, 2017 thriller directed by Ridley Scott and with protagonists Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg e Christopher Plummer.

As you certainly know the film was overwhelmed by the scandal that hit Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual abuse a little more than a month after the scheduled release date.

Ridley Scott, however, did not lose heart, and keeping faith with his indefatigable work policy that has always distinguished him, he decided to entrust the entire part of the disgraced actor to Christopher Plummer and to re-shoot all the scenes previously played by Spacey. He succeeded in just eight days and at a cost of $ 10 million additional to the previously established budget. also making use of the collaboration of Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, who returned to the set in Rome interrupting the Thanksgiving holidays some time after finishing their work on the film.

The record speed with which Scott managed to accomplish this real feat was also possible thanks to the fact that Christopher Plummer was previously the director’s first choice for the role of J. Paul Getty, so as soon as the actor was contacted I dusted off the script already read and studied and immediately fell into the part. Scott did not show Plummer any footage of Spacey’s work, nor did he tell him how the colleague had interpreted certain scenes, and eventually noticed that theand two performances came out quite different and equally effective in their particular styles.

It was the second time Ridley Scott faced a drastic change of plans during his career: something similar had previously happened during the making of Gladiator due to the untimely death of Oliver Reed, whose performance was not replaced but ‘completed’ by a series of special effects and editing.


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