Here is a film that will truly leave us all breathless

There are movies that hit straight to the stomach. Some stories, in fact, seem to speak to us directly, as if they knew us. When you are faced with a film like this, it is impossible not to get involved until you cancel everything around you. You simply have to stay there, in front of the screen, to let yourself be carried away. And that would certainly happen to anyone with the movie we want to recommend today. It is a complex plot, which will leave some aftermath and which will immediately capture our attention. So here’s a movie that will truly leave us all breathless.

Donnie Darko’s plot

2001 offered the audience a truly incredible film. We are talking about “Donnie Darko”, the film directed in a masterly way by Richard Kelly. We are in 1988, it is October 2nd, and an airplane engine crashes on the Darko house. Donnie, a young outcast who fights against schizophrenia, manages to save himself. Sleepwalker, while he sleeps, he meets a character and suddenly finds himself in a field with an inscription that warns him that 28 days later there would be the end of the world. The protagonist will face various vicissitudes and events, between relationships with professors, love and the unsustainable search for truth.

Criticism of Richard Kelly’s film

The intricate plot full of twists, can only keep you glued to the TV. “Donnie Darko” is a film that analyzes the human soul in depth, which reveals itself to be ambiguous in the message it transmits, which undermines the certainties of the human condition. Kelly manages, with a desperate and tearing poetic language, to tell all this, creating a fascinating and compelling atmosphere.

So here’s a movie that will truly leave us all breathless. We run to look for it and hit play to spend a perfect evening in the company of a truly captivating plot.


A film that made history and that we should definitely see


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