Raoul Bova in shock, the complaint: “They wanted a ransom”

Really a bad adventure for Raoul Bova, who wanted to vent all his frustration on his Instagram profile.

Everyone knows the events of recent years for Raoul Bova, after the death of his father and then that of his mother soon after, he threw the actor into a black hole from which he is now emerging, also thanks to Rocìo, always by his side. But luck, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be on his side and he proved it by telling his followers one bad adventure that made him the protagonist and that he wanted to confess to all his many fans. Here’s what happened to the actor.

Raoul Bova, what happened to him?

The Instagram profile it is certainly not just a tinsel: by now in everyone’s life it has a value that is often very important, especially if it is a character from the world of entertainment who constantly have to deal with the image and the relationship with the fans. Then hack a vip’s profile it can be very serious harm to the person and a really bad story. That’s what just happened to Raoul Bova.

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Fortunately, the actor was able to recover his profile but, as he told in a long post , he had a really bad time. “Just these days they tried to enter my Instagram profile , I filed a regular report to the postal police and it seems that the adventure is over“- wrote Bova – “I’m sorry if messages arrived for 48 hours that did not come from my profile but from a hacker which in turn tried to enter other profiles.”

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Finally, Bova, wants to leave his audience with a message, a Advice on how to behave to avoid incurring these unpleasant inconveniences: Be careful and don’t open logos depicting Instagram icons who ask you for confirmation of your data. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to the people contacted and if they caused problems to your social networks without my knowledge. To some I can’t answer so they have to reactivate as a follower I think. It was a real theft in exchange for a ransom. Immediately report to the postal and IT police who are able to undermine the threats. Do not give in and immediately rely on those who know more about us.


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