Ridge furious at Brooke “How could you do this to Douglas!”

Let’s see together the Advances and Plots of Beautiful of April 2, 2021. In the episode aired on Channel 5, Ridge is disappointed and angry at the advice that Brooke has given to Hope: “Douglas will lose his mother!”

Let’s discover the Advances of Beautiful for the bet of 2 April 2021. Nelle Weft dell’episode broadcast at 14.10 on Channel 5, Ridge e Brooke continue to argue because of Thomas. Ridge in fact he knew of Liam’s ultimatum to Hope and is very worried about the little one Douglas.

Beautiful Previews: Hope saw Liam kissing Steffy

Liam determined to put the right distance between Thomas and Hope, imposed an ultimatum on Logan: close forever with Thomas and renounce custody of Douglas. Hope, fought, talked about it with Brooke, who convinced her to prioritize her relationship and go along with Spencer’s request. Hope then ran to the cliff house to give Liam her answer. But Thomas, having listened to the conversation between mother and daughter, he will immediately notify Steffy Hope’s imminent arrival, intent on getting Liam back. The disheartening news will prompt Steffy to follow his brother’s advice and play dirty: Forrester will join the ex in the garden and just when Hope is there to watch them, she will transform an affectionate hug into a moment of fire. printing a kiss on the lips of the unaware Liam.

Beautiful Previews: Ridge is disappointed in Brooke

While Hope she hurls herself furiously against Steffy e Liam, Brooke informs Ridge of the ultimatum launched by Liam to the stepdaughter and the choice made by Hope, who ran to the villa to communicate it to Liam. Ridge is disappointed with Brooke’s advice, he is convinced that Thomas has not threatened anyone and that Liam is just proving capricious. He does not understand, therefore, how his wife could not have used a little wisdom and explained to Hope the consequences of abandoning Douglas.

Beautiful Previews: Ridge and Brooke again against each other

Douglas he lost his mother for less than a year and now feeling “disowned” by the new one could be a terrible trauma. Ridge he is really worried and does not fail to let a know Brooke, to which he also partly blames this foretold drama. The two will find each other once again against each other, unable to communicate as in the past. The situation is very tense, but they do not imagine that things are destined to get worse because of the convict kiss between Steffy and Liam.

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