Beautiful, Una vita and DayDreamer: previews today 2 April

Advances and plots of Beautiful, A Life and Today’s DayDreamer, April 2, 2021: Ridge and Brooke continue to fight because of Thomas; Cristobal scares Genoveva and asks Felipe to stay and sleep with her; while Sanem continues to search for her necklace, she is spied on by Yigit.

Beautiful: advances 2 April 2021

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The kiss stolen from Steffy a Liam under the eyes of Hope unleashed the girl against the Spencer who had given her an ultimatum to get away from once and for all Thomas also risking losing custody of his son Douglas.

Meantime Ridge is greatly disappointed in Brooke’s advice: for the Forrester, Brooke he should have explained with his wisdom the risks of abandoning Douglas. The child has already lost his mother and a second abandonment could hurt him terribly. A strong concern of Ridge that does not hide from Brooke once again being targeted. There is tension between the two who are still in the dark about what is going on in the cliff house …

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One life: advances 2 April 2021


To get rid of Genoveva, Ursula called the dangerous to Acacias Cristobal. The aim is to take revenge on Salmeron who has put the whole neighborhood with Ursula, also refusing to rehabilitate her name.

As that wasn’t enough the Dicenta yes she is also introduced into the Salmeron to steal a painting from him. In fear, Genoveva will ask for help from Felipe. Despite some doubts about his words he decides to stay next to his girlfriend. So the lawyer will spend the night in the same bed as Genoveva …

A life”Airs on Canale 5 during the week, from Monday to Friday, from approximately 14.10 to 14.45. The Spanish soap opera was created by Aurora Guerra, who is the same creator of “The secret”.

DayDreamer: advances 2 April 2021

yigit canA Sanem it was not enough to refuse the marriage proposal of Yigit to drive it away. The man is in love with the writer and does not give up on the idea of ​​not having her. And so while in the Sanem estate the tiring continues search for the necklace her publisher spies on her from afar.

There is no trace of Sanem’s precious necklace. The writer had fallen asleep in the garden after the party organized by Theirs. When he woke up he no longer had his precious around his neck. At this point Can he begins to provoke his ex-girlfriend to finally make her admit that her feelings never go away. Meanwhile, the mother of the Divit decided to help out from Mevkibe. But during the shopping session the two women meet Aziz e Mihriban and a furious quarrel arises.

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Daydreamer airs every day from Monday to Friday on Canale5 at 4.40pm.
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