Lundini, the Oscars, Supernanny and much more: all the tv programs – new new

Lundini, the Oscars, Supernanny and much more: all the tv programs – new new
Lundini, the Oscars, Supernanny and much more: all the tv programs – new new

Password, lightness. And – let’s face it – we need it a lot. In April it seems that the TV wants to make us laugh at all costs: on April 1st it makes its debut Lol, the new comedy program of Amazon Prime Video; after which they arrive Lundini on Rai Due, Pio and Amedeo in prime time on Canale 5, e Ale & Franz in the late evening on Rai Due. In short, a fierce deployment! The new season of The real housewives di Napoli (yes, they are back!) while for those who need a concrete hand with their children the perfect program is Supernanny, with the legendary Nanny Lucia of Sauce Dad. Last but not least, let’s not forget to cheer on Laura Pausini at the next Oscars, whose live broadcast is on April 25 on Sky Cinema. Here are all the news in detail:


Lol, from April 1st on Amazon Prime Video

The artillery deployed is the “heavy” one: just to get a laugh, Amazon has enlisted the legendary Caterina Guzzanti (Boris), Frank Matano, the duo of The Jackal Ciro e Wife, Katia Follesa, Angelo Pintus, the talented Michela Giraud, the very good Lillo, as well as the songwriter helium e Luca Ravenna. In short, a lot of people, very expert on the subject. Will they be able to make us laugh? In the meantime, they don’t have to laugh, since the “very complicated” game mechanism can be summarized as: “Whoever laughs first loses”. The couple act as referees and conductors Fedez e Mara Maionchi (and do it immediately X factor nostalgia…).


The lesbian guide to straight sex, dal 4 aprile su Discovery Plus

All a lesson in sex from the lesbians. Yes, it is useless to re-read the sentence: you understood correctly. Discovery has decided to make a clean sweep of sexologists, experts and insiders to give the floor to those who have had experience in the field of female pleasure: lesbians. It doesn’t matter if the dynamics of heterosexual intimacy are a little different: the docu sees four homosexual girls sharing their expertise with heterosexual couples eager to improve their sexual understanding. It seems that it works … There are four bets, of 60 ‘each.


Real Housewives of Naples, from 9 April on Discovery Plus

Well, basically that’s right. In the era of returning reality shows, where the Gf Vip lasts for months and months, and theIsland of the famous back in great shape with Ilary Blasi, it could perhaps be set aside Real Housewives of Naples? Obviously not, also because the show had made a lot of talk about itself. Someone, as you will remember, was outraged by this umpteenth trash portrait of Naples. Others, with more philosophy, simply enjoyed watching the eccentric lifestyle of these Neapolitan (so to speak …) housewives. In any case, the show hadn’t gone unnoticed and, these days, it’s a lot of stuff. So, ours are back with their load of sequins, crazy looks, fake nails and poolside parties. Do you remember them? The protagonists of the previous edition were Daniela da Posillipo; the Duchess Maria Consiglio Visco; the divorced mother Raffaella who lives in Torre del Greco; the “wellness networker” Simonetta, the entrepreneur Stella and then of course her: Noemi Letizia, i.e. the former papy girl of Silvio Berlusconi. They are now joined by other new entries to make the docu even more intriguing.


Off topic, from 13 April on Rai Due

Where to celebrate 25 years of career if not in a psychiatric hospital? Yes, this is the location chosen by Ale and Franz for the show Off topic, aired from 13 April, in the late evening, on Rai Due. The famous duo will try their hand at old and new characters observing a single, great rule: to go off topic, without observing any common thread. We will therefore play with languages, alternating sketches, fiction, film-like and much more. In short, it will be a great party: a little dazed, perhaps, but certainly fun. Given the anniversary, the duo will also be joined by a live band and many musical guests. The first is Michele Bravi.


Salotto Salemi, from April 16 on Mediaset Play

Let’s understand: from Giulia Salemi we certainly do not expect her to reveal the new Secret of Fatima to the world but to do what she does best, namely the influencer. So if you land on the Mediaset Play platform to talk about make-up, beauty tips and (why not?) Gossip, that’s a yes for us. The program debuts on April 16, is sponsored by Naj Oleari Beauty e Mikado, and will only have women as guests (I think you …). Between these, Paola Di Benedetto, Gaia Zorzi e Martina Hamdy.


Happy evening, from April 16 on Canale 5

Pio and Amedeo disembark in the prime time of Canale 5 thanks (also) to the blessing of Maria De Filippi. The couple of comedians were in fact the protagonists of the first two episodes of Friends: they were the comic interlude of the evening. Less scurrilous than in the past, they have won the sympathy of the young audience (certainly not those of Belen, offended by their jokes …) and now they try the path of the one man show. Will it work? There is certainly no shortage of ideas …


Top Ten, from April 17 on Rai Uno

Eh, it will be a nice head to head: from 17 April every Saturday we will have, on Canale 5, the evening of Friends and, on Rai Uno, Top Ten, led by Carlo Conti. In fact, the show returns with a second season, confirming the game mechanism: two teams of VIP characters compete to guess Top10 and rankings. But the location is new: Conti & co move to the Auditorium of the Foro Italico.


Una pezza di Lundini, from 20 April on Rai Due

Like do not like. In any case it works. Valerio Lundini has established itself as the new face of Rai Due (but also of all Rai, given that the usual suspects often rage): first it aroused interest in Jokes, then convinced everyone with A piece of Lundini and, while he was there, he even made a foray at the Sanremo 2021 Festival, as a singer on the evening of the covers. Now go back up Rai Due with a new season of the show: the episodes are 15 and this time they have a fixed location, that is on Tuesday in the late evening. Also confirmed the presence of Emanuela Fanelli, Lundini’s successful “accomplice”.


Courtesies in the family, from April 20 on Real Time

Officially Courtesies in the family is the spin off of Courtesies for guests. In fact it is its evolution Covid – compatible. Which guests do we want to talk about if we are all stuck in the house, due to the red zone? So, rightly, Discovery has decided not to rage and has transformed the mechanism of his famous show: now the challenge takes place entirely within the home and sees the family members split into two teams. After all, after more than a year of pandemic, we have all specialized in some recipes … Each faction will present its own way of living cooking, re-interpreting or overturning family traditions. The jury is also brand new.


Oscar 2021, on April 25 on Sky Cinema

They call it “the night of the Oscars” (by the way, everyone cheering on Laura Pausini!) But on Sky they could very well rename it as “the day of the nerd pride”. Every year, in fact, on the occasion of the famous award ceremony, the channel Sky Cinema transforms itself to the extent of committed cinephiles: not only does it guarantee live coverage of the event (which means staying up in the wee hours to see what you might read, with more rested eyes, the following morning) but it even includes a long marathon of films before , after and during the Oscars. In fact, from 17 to 30 April, the canal is switched on Sky Cinema Oscar to broadcast something like just under a hundred films awarded in the past with the coveted statuette. Among these titles, Once upon a time in … Hollywood, Parasite, The the land, up to the immortal Casablanca. For all other mere mortals, the special is planned with The best of the Oscars ceremony on April 26 at 9.15 pm. Not everyone has the physique for marathons …


Supernanny, from April 25 on Nove

Let’s face it: who, in full exhaustion from Dad, would not want to have the legendary at home Nanny Lucia? Don’t worry: the famous star of Sauce Dad is ready to return. In fact, she is the face of the first Italian version of Supernanny. The show, airing from April 25 on New, looks a lot like Sos dad (which, however, is inspired by the program Nanny 911) and will see Lucia Rizzi help parents in the education of their children. As always, there is none for anyone: today as yesterday, ours manages to put in line from the slightly lively child to the half-possessed urchin.


Corps de ballet, from 30 April on Rai Play

If you are a dance lover, you can’t miss the platform’s new docu Rai Play: Corps de ballet takes us nothing less than behind the scenes of the Teatro alla Scala from Milan. More: it reconstructs the preparation of the show Giselle, in the aftermath of the forced closure of the first lockdown. We will therefore get to know the dreams, difficulties and lives of professional dancers by breathing, albeit at a distance and through a screen, the magical atmosphere of ballet. Ah, and there is too Carla Fracci: that’s right, you just can’t miss it …

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