cleared, nominated and big returns

cleared, nominated and big returns
cleared, nominated and big returns

Island of the Famous

Who left the Palapa and who returned instead: between tests, reward and clarifications, Fariba and Ubaldo joined the group

Published on April 2, 2021

The sixth episode of the Island of the Famous 2021 started with good news: Paul Gascoigne is back in the game. The competitor decided to return to the beach and continue, although the injury proved to be quite worrying. Paul is back on the Island with a shoulder brace and with two rules to follow in order to stay. Rosolino explained that although the injury proved more worrying than expected, Paul has decided to return but as long as he does not participate in the physical tests. And not only that, because the doctors have provided a cot for him to sleep on. The competitor cannot sleep on the ground for now, so Rosolino asked the other competitors whether or not they agreed with these rules. They naturally accepted, happy to welcome Paul back into the group. None of them will be able to touch Paul’s bed.

Ilary Blasi he then talked about the dynamics of the last few days, starting from Awed. The group has forgiven the boy, but not everyone believes his sincerity. Elettra Lamborghini he pointed out that they are taking it too long: if they have decided to forgive him, they must just go on. Daniela Martani he has had problems with others because of food. She is vegan so she would like a larger portion of rice than the others, but for sure it will be cause for discussion. Miryea discovered what Drusilla she said behind her, about her enthusiasm, and was very upset. Then there were two challenges: Awed against Gilles, Miryea against Drusilla. Up for grabs a bar of chocolate, which Gilles and Miryea, the winners, shared with the whole group.

The eliminated of the sixth episode of the Island 2021 was Miryea: the public decided with 65%. Awed was voted for elimination by the remaining 35%. L’eliminated Miryea made his last nomination with the kiss and chose Drusilla. La Blasi connected with Parasite Island to close it permanently. Fariba and Ubaldo they have become competitors in all respects, while a televoting has been opened between Brando and Vera. The public expressed themselves: Brando Giorgi is back in the game, with 56% of preferences.

Ma Vera was not eliminated, in the end Parasite Island only changed its name. It is now called Playa Esperanza and she has agreed to continue here. Miryea also reached the new island and agreed to stay. Test leader of the evening: the first test saw everyone challenge each other, except the three who returned tonight and Paul. Two heats, first the women and then the men. Francesca and Gilles won, who then challenged each other in the trial by fire. Francesca Lodo is the leader of the episode. The nominees of this episode are Drusilla and Daniela: the first named by the group – and by Miryea, with a kiss -, the second by the leader. These are the nominations in detail:

  • Valentina nominated Drusilla;
  • Awed named Daniela;
  • Angela named Drusilla;
  • Drusilla nominated Roberto;
  • Roberto nominated Awed;
  • Gilles nominated Daniela;
  • Daniela nominated Gilles;
  • Elisa nominated Gilles;
  • Andrea appointed Daniela;
  • Braida named Drusilla.

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