Emma Stone talks about the Joker comparison

Emma Stone talks about the Joker comparison
Emma Stone talks about the Joker comparison
The protagonist of The cruel, Emma Stone, had her say on the comparison between her film and Joker of 2019, which many have done after watching the trailer. According to the Oscar-winning actress, The cruel is very different and would not even remotely compare to Joaquin Phoenix, also an Oscar winner, precisely for the interpretation of the prince of crime in Todd Philips’ film.

The cruel is one of the most anticipated Disney films of this cinematic season. The film, starring Emma Stone, was hit by the rain of postponements announced by the American giant, and will land, as Black Widow, simultaneously both in cinemas and on Disney + (click here to subscribe to the platform).

Many, after watching the trailer, have compared The cruel with Joker, the big hit Warner Bros. of 2019. Also Emma Stone, Oscar winner for La La Land, wanted to have his say on the matter, as we learn from our US editorial team:

“It is very different from Joker, in many aspects. I wouldn’t even remotely compare myself to Joaquin Phoenix. I’d like to be more like him. ”

Even the director of The cruel, Craig Gillespie, acknowledged how the public may have found commonalities between Joker and his movie but explained that The cruel it’s a different kind of film, for so many reasons.

“There are some really deep and emotional things that Cruella has to deal with that draw her to the dark and evil side. So in that sense, she is. [simile]”Gillespie said.” It’s definitely a thing unto itself. Just to frame The cruel, I thought it was important to show this dark side of him. But there will be a lot of fun and a lot of humor in the film. There are a lot of beats and a rhythm that is different from Joker“.

The cruel will arrive on May 28 on Disney + and in theaters if possible. On Disney + it will be available as part of the Premier Access program, priced at € 29.99.

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