“The protein of love” [Recensione libro]

“The protein of love” [Recensione libro]
“The protein of love” [Recensione libro]

The protein of love (M. Innocenti, Giunti editore, 2021)


Paolo is the thirteen-year-old protagonist of Marco Innocenti’s new novel. The novel begins with the great novelty of his life: wearing glasses. A detail that feeds his numerous insecurities already present. The problems of our thirteen year old, self-deprecating and engaging, are for example mathematics, family members who are often physically distant during the day, his not colossal height. The event that can change his life happens one day in a newsstand where in a scientific journal he finds the probable solution to his problems: the kiss. In fact, it seems that the kiss stimulates a particular protein suitable for rapid growth. So between experiments, football matches, kisses and mononucleosis, betrayals and friendships, Paolo will better discover his way of being in the world by focusing on the beauty that adolescence reserves: in addition to crises and complexities, in fact, many beautiful things can happen, such as falling in love.

Notes in the margin

Marco Innocenti with the “Proteina dell’amore”, published for Giunti’s “Cactus” series, takes us with his undisputed mastery into the world of adolescents. What always surprises in Marco’s books is the look, his ability to immerse himself deeply in his characters and to let us see the world exactly with their point of view so much so that we laugh, we suffer, we rejoice throughout the plot together with his characters. we readers “a little ‘grown up”.

The book is designed for the age group from 11 years upwards but I think it can be very interesting and stimulating for the last class of primary school, suitable for both individual and group reading. The power of this narrative is the ability to identify with the story: the themes, emotions, doubts, events that dot “The protein of love” are exactly in the chords of the very young and told with irony and participation. The language and form are crystal clear, crisp and the story is proposed with a highly readable font to encourage greater inclusion. The great issue of the difficulty of growing up is addressed by Marco Innocenti with authenticity and freshness: whoever reads this book first of all finds a friend. Recommended for the very young, but not only.

The book in one sentence

“How do you describe a kiss? You should ask a writer. But one thing is certain: I Costanza kissed ”

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