Men and women, Sophie at the center of the controversy: “She had another when she was sitting on the throne”

Sophie Codegoni was a tronista of the program Men and women by Maria de Filippi. For some hours he has been at the center of controversy for a rather serious accusation. Apparently it was linked to another at the time of the throne. Here’s how things stand.
Sophie Codegoni – Solonotizie24

Sophie had another one in the days of UeD?

Sophie was already known to Italians for being the top model of the Milan showroom of Chiara Ferragni. Thanks to the program he got to know Matteo Ranieri. The suitor managed to conquer her over time and, once they left the studio, they showed themselves to be very close-knit on social media. Unfortunately, their history has already come to an end. It is no coincidence that quite serious reports have appeared on the girl’s account. To trigger it all they thought about it Deianira Marzano e Amedeo Venza. The two have received reports of Sophie’s love life.

‘You were unfair towards the editorial staff, Matteo and the people’

“He had another when he sat on the throne”, “During the throne he attended and was with another person”. These are the statements made by the two influencers who have no doubts. They received screenshots and videos that would confirm this. The person in question would be a guy who works in the tobacconist’s near where Sophie was staying when she was on the throne. As if that were not enough it seems that she was also engaged and her participation in Men and women it would have created fights. Also it seems that the boy would propose himself as a suitor, but she would stop him. Sophie has stated that it is absolutely not true, although for now she has not proved her good faith with concrete evidence.

Matteo e Sophie - Solonotizie24
Matteo e Sophie – Solonotizie24

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The meeting with Gianluca

A few days ago in Rome Sophie spent a pleasant afternoon in the company of Gianluca De Matteis. The two former tronists have never hidden that they are friends. Someone has insinuated that there is something tender, but she has always denied by saying that he strongly believes in friendship between a man and a woman.

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