Millie Bobby Brown: “I’ve never seen a Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel or DC movie”

Millie Bobby Brown admitted candidly that she has never seen popular franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel or DC movies.





Millie Bobby Brown is a very busy young actress, but her candid admission of never having seen a Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel or DC movie will leave fans amazed. Yet that’s exactly what Millie told MTV News.

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“I’ve never seen a Marvel movie, ever, or a DC movie,” Millie Bobby Brown revealed to Josh Horowitz. “It’s not my thing, but I’m open to everything. But I’ve never said ‘Let’s watch this movie’. I prefer The Pages of Our Life, I like romantic movies. I’m not crazy about it because I think I’m already in it. . I’m working on these things, so I prefer to see real things. “

Brown increases the dose by adding: “I’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie. I have a lot of friends who react amazed and ask me ‘How is that possible?’ and I say ‘I don’t know.’ “

Stranger Things 4: the Upside Down has invaded the locations in the new photos from the set

One of the reasons Millie Bobby Brown hasn’t seen all of the popular franchises is because of her ongoing commitment to the set of the Stranger Things series, which season 4 is currently in the works. Speaking of the Netflix show, which now seems to be nearing its end, the actress explains:

“I get emotional just talking about the ending of Stranger Things, I don’t want to think about it. This is like my home. When I go to make a movie I think ‘Okay, I’ll be coming home to Stranger Things soon, this is where I belong. ‘”

We will soon see Millie Bobby Brown in the MonsterVerse movie Legendary Godzilla vs. Kong.


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