Books to read to learn to write

Books to read to learn to write
Books to read to learn to write

If your dream is to write, if you get away with it but you know you could do more if you want refine writing techniques without having to invest too much in courses here are some titles of books to read to learn to write.

Reference texts for those who want to undertake this activity both at a professional level and as a simple outlet and leisure.

The main texts

If we talk about books to read to learn to write we cannot ignore one above all, the one most recommended even during the courses of writing creative, that of the great Stephen King, On writing, in which the famous writer brings together all the tips and advice based on his own experience.

Also note “Why write“, of Zadie Smith, Minimun Fax editions, the most read and loved Anglo-Saxon writer of our times in this text explains what makes writing different and unique.

In addition to saying what writing is for herself, offering many really interesting ideas.

There is also “How to write” of Rosaria Gaucci / Bruna Miorelli, a text that collects the interventions that have found hospitality at the school of writing creative “Before and after the words” in Milan.

Other reference books

The craft of writing“, of Raymond Carver is another of those texts that cannot be missed if you want to learn how to write. Just as the greatest writing masters recommend reading two milestones of the literature international to be able to take the first steps in writing having clearer ideas: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the very famous picaresque novel by the American writer Mark Twain e City trilogy by K of Ágota Kristóf.

How not to write“, of Claudio Arrived it is an excellent book that perhaps points out things that are taken too much for granted, but that it is good to always keep in mind.

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