Bestseller the book by Luca Borsani and Lucio Mariani on the importance of the generational change in the company

Bestseller the book by Luca Borsani and Lucio Mariani on the importance of the generational change in the company
Bestseller the book by Luca Borsani and Lucio Mariani on the importance of the generational change in the company

According to data from the AUB Observatory, in Italy the percentage of family-run businesses with a turnover exceeding 20 million euros has reached 65%. An even more interesting figure is the one that shows that about a third of these have over-seventy-year-olds at the helm of the company.

For all those entrepreneurs who want to know more about how to start a generational transition without problems, the book by Luca Borsani and Lucio Mariani “FAMILY PACT. How to start a generation transition without problems, saving taxes and keeping control of your company ”(Bruno Editore). Inside, the authors go to share with their readers the same information that will allow them to proceed with the correct formulation of that one act truly capable of resolving once and for all the delicate moment of the generational transition: the Family Pact.

“Our book is a real practical guide capable of answering all the questions that an entrepreneur asks himself at the moment of the generational change of the family business” he says Luca Borsani, author of the book. “With simple and precise language we explain what are the benefits of the Family Pact, the best strategies to be adopted, who are the legitimate holders who must be protected, the advantages that can be obtained, the differences with all other tools such as donations and wills and finally tax savings, a subject very dear to Italian entrepreneurs ”he adds Lucio Mariani, co-author of the book.

Second Borsani and Mariani, the Family Pact is a truly effective tool for safeguarding both the fortunes of one’s business and those of the family. The reason is simple: we are talking about the only tool capable of making the management of a company truly stable and lasting, as it gives serenity to the entrepreneur and removes forever the risks of quarrels and decision-making stalemates in the family.

“Every entrepreneur knows that sooner or later the time will come to hand over the baton of their business. However, what many do not know is that the future of their business and their family are really close at hand. Indeed, within reach of the Family Pact ”he urges Giacomo Bruno, publisher of the book. “As the two authors demonstrate, activating this tool as quickly as possible allows, on the one hand, to ensure personal serenity and, on the other, financial prosperity. This explains why there is really no reason to postpone ”.

“We met Bruno Editore through word of mouth from mutual friends. It goes without saying that his experience in publishing ebooks was fundamental in choosing this publishing house ”he concludes Luca Borsani. “We believe that the digital format is now an essential ally for any entrepreneur who wants to make his way into his business. Therefore, who better than the father of ebooks for the launch of our book? ” finally he is keen to clarify Lucio Mariani.

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Luca Borsani and Lucio Mariani they were born respectively in Cuggiono (MI) in 1982 and Milan in 1967. The former is a lawyer and a research doctor, the latter an accountant, they graduated from the Università Statale and Cattolica in Milan. Luca is a professor of business organization and is registered with the Milan bar. Lucio is a member of the Milan Order of Accountants. They have already collaborated in the writing of other books published by Giuffrè and Lupetti publisher. Since the merger of their professional studios, they have decided to devote themselves to SMEs, addressing delicate issues such as succession and the management of the entrepreneur’s assets. They have held numerous conferences on the subject of generational change. Their goal is to spread the business culture directly to entrepreneurs. In this way they offer entrepreneurs a unique integrated legal-tax approach in this matter. Website:

Giacomo Bruno, born in 1977, electronic engineer, was named by the press “the father of ebooks” for bringing ebooks to Italy in 2002, with Bruno Editore, the publishing house founded by him and Viviana Grunert, Director of Vivi a Fiori magazine . He is the Author of 27 bestsellers on personal growth and Publisher of 600 books on the topics of personal and professional development. He is considered the best known Italian “book influencer” because every book he promotes or published becomes Bestseller n.1 on Amazon in a few hours. He is followed by TV, news and national press. For info: