Meghan Markle and the accusation of racism, Princess Anne in the crosshairs

Meghan Markle and the accusation of racism, Princess Anne in the crosshairs
Meghan Markle and the accusation of racism, Princess Anne in the crosshairs
“When I was love in Archie, someone at court wondered how much it would be dark his skin “. Of the long interview given by Meghan Markle and the principe Harry a Oprah Winfrey, the accusation of racism it is undoubtedly the passage that caused the most discussion. He unleashed a storm which still shows no sign of abating, given that the Sussexes preferred do not disclose identity of the person responsible for the alleged allegation.

This is how a kind of was taken on the tabloids hunt for the culprit in the Windsor house: we know it is a membro senior, with the Queen Elizabeth and the husband Philip only excluded. “We are not a racist familyWas the first comment of William, which he cut short during a public event. Indeed, they do not seem to be words attributable either to him or to Kate Middleton, so someone put it in the viewfinder other characters of the royal family.

“When the Sussexes related that episode they referred to Princess AnneSaid the biographer Lady Colin Campbell in his podcast, citing a real source. «In truth, however, the daughter of the sovereign has been misunderstood, the color of the skin it does not have anything to do with it. Her concern was about Meghan’s inability to adapt to the role, her distant background Palace protocols, he saw gods risks on the horizon».

And, if the version were confirmed, would have been premonitory: ‘He thought the Duchess would not have respect for the institution and she figured if gods had come from her marriage to Harry sons, they would be created huge problems“. In short, Anna is as if she had put the emphasis on “Cultural diversity” between England and the United States, one difference that the Duchess herself would have been “incapable of accept and appreciate».

«In short, nobody is guilty of racism, but undoubtedly Princess Anna was the one who was most of all in the family contrary to marriage with Meghan ». All objections that Harry – again according to Lady Colin Campbell’s reconstruction – would have reported to Meghan, and here he would have been born misunderstanding: the Sussexes have transformed it “Cultural clash” evoked by Anna in a question of “racial discrimination”.

Gives Montecito, however, all is silent. Only Harry and Meghan can put an end to this hunt for the culprit.


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